Welcome to the official website of AREKU, a musician, composer, photographer and designer from Sweden, most known for being the founder, guitarist and principal songwriter of the Visual Rock-band AVALINITY and a solo artist.

AREKU is also the founder of Gance Group, which with its subdivisons offers jewelry, photographic prints and a music label. 


His photographic works is mainly focused on landscape/nature, and mostly created with the analog techniques of shooting film. You can find a growing selection of his work over at the Instagram-account @AREKU_Photography with an associated shop for prints


AREKU began playing guitar when he was 14 years, and haven't stopped. Since the first chords learnt, the aim have always been and continued to be, to compose and write songs. Since then he have not only recorded guitar, but drums, bass, synths and vocals.

In 2011 he began looking for members for the band that would become Avalinity, and in 2012 the band officially formed and begun activities.

Still active today, AREKU have released numerous singles as a solo-artist, ranging from EDM, orchesteral to alternative rock, as well as numerous live performances and a well recieved EP with Avalinity.

Gance Group

Beginning with the foundation of jewelry-brand SophistiGance in 2014, AREKU have kept on expanding his ventures with more and more brands under the Gance name. To accommodate all the different projects under one roof, Gance Group was formed.

As of today Gance Group provides music recording/publishing/marketing through Gance Media, jewelry and lifestyle attire through SophistiGance, AREKU Photography & Print Shop for the social media publishing from his archive with additional sales of prints, and ARQ for the production and sales of guitars and effect pedals for musicians.

Gance Group also offer services for all photographic needs, such as photography, development of film ranging from 35mm to 4x5" (B/W and slide/E6), and high resolution film scanning, along with refurbishing and resale of analog cameras.

Gance Media