Website is now ONLINE!

Welcome to the official AREKU website!
Today on the 23th of February 2015, I’m proud to announce that I’m back with having my own site, under myy own domain, on the internet.

Areku website screenshot


During the last couple of weeks, I’ve been working on completing this site. I’ve had some good help from Yoru, who did the translation for my Japanese followers, which you can find here.
My intention is that this site will collect all my activities (music, photos, videos) and to serve as a hub for my social media-presence, and so much more!
There is more features to come, more media to be added, and so on. Among others, I can say that I will now get back to blogging! If you’re as excited as I am, you can sign up here on the right, and you’ll get an email whenever I make a new post.
But for now, take a look around, and hit me up with a comment on what you think.
Write it down below in the comments, send me a tweet or write a message to my Facebook!


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