Water lilies and forest paths

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One Response to “Water lilies and forest paths

  • This stillness, like enjoying paintings in an exhibition just for you. They’re truly masterpieces! What greater luxury than that silent moment alone with a view of calmness and healing. I like moments of still reflection about all and nothing. To take time to feel, to love. I think it’s vitally important. Even when it’s a short moment, it brings joy.

    It’s impossible to pick a favourite among these because they all are beautiful. On their own and in this series. All the details revealing themselves as you look. Very much the same as paintings. Impossible to resist losing yourself in them. And why would I want to resist?

    I started my thoughts with five lines, here’s the rest of those lines in all simplicity.

    The stillness
    Value without currency
    Your face
    In our reflection

    The deep
    You unlocked the secret to
    My fear
    Of a broken bridge

    Warmth given
    Chasing away the cold
    Hearts lost
    Now are found

    Endlessly more, than a dream come true

    Lifted up
    As a petal
    Our joy
    Follows the path

    Up high
    Among the tree tops
    We wish
    Reaching for more

    Sweetest taste
    This vibrant life
    A kiss
    Ensnared in bliss

    As our eyes met, the picture became complete

    I could go on and on. I find it hard to compare artistry, but of course I get the Monet feel, but also the energy of Twombly among the branches and tall grass. For me, that is a perfect combination! <3 Rather intrigued about the result, something beyond the painters. Couldn't be more right!

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