VIP-visit at Sweden Rock Festival 2016

This past Thursday, I visited Sweden’s biggest Rock/metal-festival – Sweden Rock Festival.

I was given a 4-dags and VIP-pass by the firm where I work, as we have the festival as one of our clients. Due to high workload, I could only fit in a one day visit, but it was a good taste of the festival, which by the way celebrated its 25th anniversary this year!

I’ve never been much of a festival goer, and it felt a bit off to be on the ground and not on stage, but it was also quite interesting to experience it all from a visitors perspective. To be honest, I’m not a big fan of any of the bands that played this day but there were some I recognized and took the chance to see while there – other I kinda stumbled upon, but anyhow; Music tends to be better live.

AREKU at Sweden Rock Festival 2016

Viewing then main stage of in the distance as standing pretty much in the middle of the festival

After getting into the area quick and easy via the VIP-entrance (which in my book was probably the best feature in my opinion of the VIP-ticket), I took a stroll around the area. This festival was way bigger than I thought!

There were two big stages, complete with three smaller, all scattered over this field that rendered by boots more like a relic from the dessert war by the end of the day.

Below is a couple of the pictures I took during my visit. Are you a fan of any of these bands? Leave a comment below!

The Kentucky Headhunters (U.S)

First band met entering the area. Didn’t stay to long, but they had a typical southern country rock-groove going.

The kentucky Headhunters (US) - AREKU at Sweden Rock Festival 2016-1

Lordi (FIN)

No idea that they still excised?

LORDI (FIN) - AREKU at Sweden Rock Festival 2016-6

Halestorm (U.S) 

One of two bands that I decided to see on beforehand as I got the news that I were going. Lzzy Hale got a good voice and got the audience going as soon as the band entered the stage.

Halestorm (US) - AREKU at Sweden Rock Festival 2016-10 Halestorm (US) - AREKU at Sweden Rock Festival 2016-10 Halestorm (US) - AREKU at Sweden Rock Festival 2016-10

After seeing Halestorm for a while, I snuck off to the VIP-area to get myself something to eat and drink. The area were pretty nice! Then it was back out again to see the other band I decided on before;


Not a big listener, but I felt like I had to see them while “in town” so to speak – who knows for how much longer Nikki Sixx will be going on?

SIXX A.M (US) - AREKU at Sweden Rock Festival 2016-15 SIXX A.M (US) - AREKU at Sweden Rock Festival 2016-15   SIXX A.M (US) - AREKU at Sweden Rock Festival 2016-15 SIXX A.M (US) - AREKU at Sweden Rock Festival 2016-15


Entombed AD (SWE)

Entombed AD (SWE) - AREKU at Sweden Rock Festival 2016-22

 ..complete with a moshpit!Moshpit at Entombed AD (SWE) - AREKU at Sweden Rock Festival 2016-24

Neon Rose (SWE)

Neon Rose (SWE) - AREKU at Sweden Rock Festival 2016-27

Shinedown (U.S)

Shinedown AREKU at Sweden Rock Festival 2016

The Struts (U.K)

The Struts (U.K) - AREKU at Sweden Rock Festival 2016-13

I found this to be a quite nice day, probably one of my more unusual “work days”.

One Response to “VIP-visit at Sweden Rock Festival 2016

  • Woah, that’s rather big for Sweden. No not like that, filthy mind.
    I haven’t been to a festival in… too scared to ponder that time. Let’s skip that and realise that I have only heard music from two of the bands mentioned. I’m way too pesky about my metal music intake nowadays. Or have I always been? Regardless, live feel is quite a different experience.

    Well yes, I have enjoyed all of your music finds so far. I’d say that is truly impressive!

    Din skåning, talt int illa om di finska monstren. ;) (Jag skojar givetvis.) <3
    Yeah, Lordi is still alive, sort of. I can never really resist a theatrical performance. I even like those theatrical black metal bands. I know the horror… I am not nor will I ever be a true rare metal fan, for whatever that means. For one thing I like Cradle of Filth's Damnation and a Day album. I'm a mere casual listener of Lordi, but I have at least heard some of their albums. Thinking live might be their thing. They are however one of my favourite "shut the fuck up asshole you know nothing about me" music.

    This is probably not a good time to confess I haven't heard Halestrom. Sometimes it's like I live under a rock in the forest. Very nice live shots though!

    The only thing I've been close to have seen is Entombed A.D or well I saw the old Entombed to be precise. I think there's even a T-shirt somewhere. I recall they were a bit better live. Was never a heavy listener just liked a few songs. Saw them as support to someone can't remember who, can have been Amon Amarth, seen them a few times as they kick ass live and are based in Sthlm. Such trivia…

    Not surprised to see a mosh pit though. And nice mohawk! I get such a German industrial vibe from that guy. Those old days… I was never big on moshes, always ended up in or close to one anyway for some reason or other. I like the spectacle but I prefer to watch and stay well clear nowadays. My younger brothers on the other hand, they like it as the crazy people they are.

    I might not know all of the music, but I enjoyed the pictures and hearing about your adventurous day.

    And I'm still pissed at myself for not knowing My Dying Bride was there…Negligence on my part. Among all of those great things yet to come? I hope so.

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