Unavailable landscape



I’ve been waiting the whole summer for this field to be harvested, and once it was, I biked down to take some of the  shots that I’ve imagined.










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  • Oh my… the sensualism. <3

    Many thoughts I cannot even express. Perfect.
    In tone, the delicate sound of soft warm touches.
    Pictures of complete and fulfillment.
    And delicate whining for soft skin.

    I can see one of my favourite songs in this. And I was really worried writing about it. Close to me. Because it's for you.

    Had a reminder about how fragile life is, when it's not ticking just right those loved one could go. I'm no good with forever goodbyes or fearing them. That is to say I really get into a capture all goodness vibe and let go of other things. Do right and do good, be something.

    What I'm sort of circling is the you theme, to remember the you in all the I and we. I sense that you have captured that essence of For you in an impressive way.

    I'm in love with every picture but I got to say the 6th one is the illustration of passion. Rosy cheeks just thinking of it. Sensual warmth. That twist, it's so right.

    My dream is to feel this

    "All I ever wanted
    I have, I need never wish again
    You are heaven sent

    All I ever wanted
    You are, you are heaven sent"

    And to know that the you and I feel the same. I can't really think of a higher feeling. From that point of love you can conquer anything, hit back at any fear. Not indestructible, but extremely hard to damage.

    in every detail
    I see you
    see my dreams, in you
    thoughts collapse

    gaze meet
    Eyes know
    it's true

    my island is

    heavenly filled

    I’m so happy, happy, happy you did this!!
    Magic three; I love thee

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