Trying slides – FujiFilm Provia 100F (dia)

In January I had the pleasure of shooting slide film, for the first time ever, as a commissioned work. Seeing as reversal film has a more narrow exposure latitude than negative colour film, I knew that my metering and selections of scenery would have to be more precise. Inspired by Steve McCurry (I’ve seen the last Kodachrome-video  a couple of times too many by now) I set out on my adventure. In hindsight there were a few occasions where I would’ve metered the scene differently, but all in all, I’m fairly happy with the results – allthough these pictures aren’t really made to be scanned, rather they meant to be projected. And no scan can ever do justice to what you see when you look at your positives on a lighttable. Although, I will probably not shoot that much more slide film, at least not for a while, mostly due to this that I’ve just mentioned, the inconvenience of my hybrid work-flow.
But it was a nice experience!

Here’s a Behind the scenes-video I made;

And here are all of the pictures from the roll. I shot them at two different occasions, the first set is taken about 40 minutes before and during leading up to sunset, the second set during afternoon on a day with overcast.

It’s important to ingrave myself into a slide as well ;-)


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