Top 5 posts of November (2016)

Since I just finished a month of daily blogging, I would like to first off thank you all for reading – it’ve been a great time! Even though we’re now in December, I have no plans on stepping down. Perhaps I won’t post every day, but throughout November I regained a lot of energy and the mentality to MAKE posts happen, that I wish to carry on with me into December and beyond.

Therefore I’ve compiled a list of the most read posts of November:

AREKU photoshoot church gothic avalinity band Photographer#1 – Photoshoot

It seems like it’s not only I who enjoy a good portrait of myself. This AREKU-photoshoot, taken by my friend and lolita-model
Melva Yan, clearly caught your attention.

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#2 – AREKU Q&A

There had been a long demand for a new episode of AREKU Questions and Answers, so I’m in no way suprised that this post ranked as #2!

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#3 – How to get past writers block 

Ever had writers block? Not knowing how to get past it? Then this post is for you! This post is also a prime example of how I turned a night of not knowing what to write during my daily blowing extravaganza into a post with a hint of humor.  Read it:

#4 – Game Haul

I’m not much of a gamer now as other intersts were prioritized, but my addiction to auctions and materialistic possession sometimes takes over. In this post, I reveal a whole bunch of games (19 to be exact) and why I got several copies of one game in particular. Why this game is so special is a post for another day..

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#5 – Snow Realm

The first snow of this winter came – and then left a couple of days later. In that time, I went out to capture some of it in my typical AREKU landscape-style. Also including a self-portrait.

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Thank you all for reading!



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  • The most read posts I’ve made during November!
    See the list of all articles in this top 5!

  • My dearest one,

    you look so fine. I get pulled along with your energy. Impossible to resist. And of course he posts the hold onto my arm picture. That feeling has been with me all day. To entangle in. Probably because the literary conversation we had in my class today came upon the thought of desire both as an abstract construction and a bodily want. And then you reminded me of old times, that oh I had missed it without even knowing it, sending that feel of closeness. That no one can take away. Can’t be taken. By anyone. Belongs to us.

    I feel as though November flew by and I certainly wish for you to continue blogging as much as possible. I know my Music Finds thoughts are late. The thing is they open a lot of doors that sometimes take a little time to fully describe in a text. Started but not finished. Not that it has to be long but finding the right expression sometimes takes me far too long time. I’ve been told that is classical writer trait and something that we as writers often do when deeply into something. Wanting to capture it and it escapes us. For me that is true. Often I feel happy or big emotions that will resist expression until later. An explanation that the music isn’t boring or unimportant quite the opposite! Starts a process.

    With this I want to say that the Music Finds have meant a lot to me. Even though they did not make your monthly top list of posts, they have made mine from the start. It was hard not to choose it as one of those posts I enjoy most. Because I do enjoy them. In a sense they made a lot of things happen. Transformed, to use a word I associate with you.

    for all that you have done. And for all you will do.

    I have to say snow realm did make an impression. Fitting nicely with my thoughts of longing that came out in a story I hope I will finish properly and read for you some day. It has many roots but overall it has our feeling, something I wish to share. In this story as in life things are not as they might seem on surface. I often do those layers don’t I? It has its reasons apart from the aesthetics of it which is deliberate. Every story bleeds some truth, not always the surface story but deeper down. I know I have hidden quite a lot in texts, that I see quite clearly when I go back and read my old stories. A lot of bleeding ink there. Probably also due to me using queer theoretical tools in literary analysis. It of course has an interest in those points of bleeding leakage or ambivalent crossroads and hidden codes within a text.

    I’ve been thinking about the subject of half or being/feeling half. That you made into a pretty snowy picture. Oh! It only makes me want to jump into it. That might be a desired compliment. Overall I’d say there’s a lot of come join me feel. That perhaps always was there, but has now grown stronger and more beautiful. Wanting to make more of it. More. I can feel the unsatisfied Finn inside going ‘MOoOOoore of you please’. More woodiness! I love these double meanings. I’m stubborn and darn right impossible at times, but oh so fascinated by you.

    I got to say hinting about the Nikon D500 was mean in a very teasing sense. I’d love to hear more about that as well as everything. I’m curious when I’m interested. But I’m sensitive to words like demanding and nagging. They are trigger words for me. I’d much rather want it to be taken as loving interest. Kind of like you wrote in the beginning. I want to give energy to. I never intend harming. I have a really hard time dealing with the feel of being a bother, some issue in the way of. This way of feeling is something we talked about when talking about my text today. The I, which I made rather like myself this time, take in a lot and feel it. It’s not witnessing only, it’s feeling the emotions very unfiltered. I do that a lot. Often it has been seen as a weakness by others. I don’t think so. Least of all when writing or communicating something.

    I think those who don’t sense and think upon every small cut are strange. How do they live with themselves I will never know. I rather feel it all. It is me.

    Not to be confused with not being able to say no or be angry. I give up on people. But I prefer not to have to be or do that. Steals focus from what’s important.

    Wow, this turned into a Q & A with me instead. So not the purpose when I started. But maybe fun, I don’t know, I think I’m fairly boring most of the time. I did enjoy your Q & A. I can somewhat sympathize with the wanting to see a video. Half. For I do like to watch you, no question about that. But I also like the way you write. Rather unfair but true. ^^ A split feeling on that one. The answer from me will probably always be more of you

    The game post was interesting partly for which games and partly because I feel less lost. Now what a thing to say. What do I mean? I mean that I also have had to put games under luxury. But one thing I do love to do is dig out old games. Nothing more fun than blowing the dust off an older console and enjoy it again, when there’s time and want for it. Some of the best leisure time has been spent playing old games, kind of reliving and at the same time creating new memories. I love mixing old and new in many ways. I’m certainly more of a family time gamer, that social get together. That is luxury for me.

    Has me looking and reading
    this older heart falls

    Voice in my head: stop making odd pastiches and tell the man it’s been a real lovely time.

    It has
    make it never end

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