The winner of #AREKUchallenge nr. 2

The second round of my #AREKUchallenge is now over, and once again I’ve seen you guys participate with some great photos!
Here’s some selected ones, before I present the one that have won the shout-out!
And oh man, you all sent in such great photos, it’s really hard to decide who to highlight the most, haha.

Thomas shows much the city changes, as we know it always does, during just half an hour.
You got good coverage in the highlights (no blowouts) and good colors. My favorite is the foggy one, haha.


Masami: A nice panorama! I think the picture would benefit from a bit of cropping, that is to crop the picture so that the building coming in at the right upper corner disapears, since it’s a bit distracting to the eyes.
Elsewise, good colors, you’ve managed to get coverage in the sky, which can be tricky when doing this kinds of shots.
Well done!


Here’s one of my favorites. This picture lives and breathes of suburban romance. Good proportions between the tree in the foreground and the houses in the background. The pink sky is what makes this picture stand out, so if I would adjust anything, it would be to make them pop just a little more by adding a bit more saturation in that area.

A bold move to capture the citylife at night, you must have steady hands!
This is another tricky scene, as lights easily get’s overexposed and blown out, but at the same time one wants to capture as much details as possible in the darker lit areas of the photo.

Another favorite, captured by Ina. Cleaver choice of angle, which makes this a good example on how one can use angles and light to make a picture pop! By positioning herself with the fountain lining up against the sun, we get this glorious effect that makes the water seem always like mist.



And the winner is…

Congratulations Tori!
A marvelous picture that captures “the nightlife” from a different perspective than we might be used to. Just as with Isaac’s picture, you have good proportions between the trees in the foreground that sees to almost hold the city in place in the frame, and the city lining up in the background.

To everybody who participated, great job!
I’ll soon reveal the next part of the #AREKUchallenge, and I hope you’re eager to participate!

8 Responses to “The winner of #AREKUchallenge nr. 2

  • Thank you so much, Areku, for the positive words and mention. Love these competitions and look forward to more!

    Congratulations to the winner xx

  • Thank you!So glad to be the winner!yeahhh!:)
    And I realized that I forgot to mention the name of my city in the post:/
    It’s Almaty.And the picture was taken from the high mountains during night camping.
    Thank you for the contest!^^

    • You did a great job, thank you for participating!
      Ah, Almaty in Kazakhstan? It’s quite a wonderful view you had there!
      I hope you’ll participate in the next challenge as well, I will announce it during the next couple of days :)

      • Thank you!^^ Yes,Almaty is in Kazakhstan.We have beautiful nature here.I love it!:)
        Waiting for the next challange!^^

        • The next challenge is announced, and it’s “Black and white”.
          I’m looking forward to seeing your participation! ^^/

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