The pranking of AVALINITY

SaSa is back!  If you haven’t read it already, here’s her statement on the official AVALINITY Facebook-page:


Hello, this is Avalinity’s vocalist SaSa!
Do you still remember me?
I’m back~
Last year October, I went on hiatus from…

Posted by Avalinity on Wednesday, October 21, 2015

However, today I’ll tell you a little bit more on how SaSa and I pranked the rest of Avalinity. You can see the reactions of K and Fredrik in the video embedded further below in this post too! ;-)

First some backstory:
SaSa left Sweden for Japan to study in the fall of  2014. This was a planned leave, as she had wanted to study abroad for quite a while. During this time, K switched place from Bass to Vocals, and we took in my friend Yoru as a support bassist. Fun story; I got to know Yoru via Kaz, who was out support-bassist during K’s stay in Hong Kong in 2013, haha. Everybody seems to know everybody.

Anyhow, it was estimated that SaSa would return to Sweden in December of 2015, but this summer she messaged me and said that she now booked her tickets, and was to return in 30/9, and only I and her closest family know.
(Thank you for telling me ❤ )
We soon after begun planning how we would surprise the band, and we settled on the plan that SaSa would randomly (or so it would seem) walk into one of our rehearsals.  The time leading up to her comeback, she was briefed more in-depth on what we’ve been doing in the band, new songs, meeting up to catch up on all things new and old,  and we also begun working on some new songs that are now being rehearsed.

So came the day. We’re sitting in the lounge of where we rehearses, and suddenly the door knocks…

So, what’s happening now?
We’re back rehearsing, and have A LOT of interesting things coming up very soon for you Avalins.
Keep you eyes open..! ;- )

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