The #AREKUchallenge is back!

I’m a huge photography enthusiast, in case you didn’t know. So last year I wanted to spread this enthusiasm to my followers, and at the same time help them develop as photographers. This was done by running the #AREKUchallenge, a monthly challenge open for all, were the participants were given a theme per month, and then submitted their works via Instagram or Twitter. It was a real joy to see all the creations you came up with!

After running this challenge for three months, with three different themes, I put it on pause. This was to evaluate how it went, and what I could improve to make it even more fun for the participants.  And as of today, I feel ready to un-paus, and bring back #AREKUchallenge!


So, what is this #AREKUchallenge?

The #AREKUchallenge is an ongoing photo-competition arranged by AREKU, to inspire other photographers to showcase their works to a broader audience and receive feedback in order to become even better at their craft.
The challenge is theme-based, and is often going on for a month, with a new theme announced each month together with the most prominent works of the past month.
To participate, a user simply upload their best interpretation of the actual theme to their Twitter and / or Instagram-profile together with the hashtag #AREKUchallenge. For a submission to be accepted, the user also needs to be following the accounts of AREKU.

So, what’s new?

The themes are now more thought through,  in a way I really weren’t able to do last autumn. But the biggest change is that I will be publishing posts that tie in with the theme of the month. This way I can share some knowledge, that the participants then can directly make use of when they’re then taking their photos.

Lastly, what’s the theme of this month?

The theme for March is “contrasts“. You have until the 31th of March to submit your photographs.
I look forward to seeing them!

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