Sunday fixer

December is just around the corner, and with that comes some preperations for Christmas. Like baking!


In other news, the work with the “Main base“-project is moving along nicely. Due to the nice weather, I’ve now replaced the old windows with fresh new ones! Now there’s just two major things to sort out before I can reveal what I’ve been up to for the pasts months construction wise. By now I’ve probably supplied way to many clues, haha.


How was your weekend? 

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  • Darling,

    that is insanely cute yet again. What is this sweet baking hit me with the rolling pin of cute? I’m waaay overtired yes. I’m still cute though. ^^

    I have questions. What have Piglet done to end up upside down? Is it because he’s a cat, since the cat seems to be upside down too? This needs thinking about. Are they on adventures mayhaps? Or watching something? Did I mention overtired but pretty? There’s so much else to see. Clearly there’s a queen of this dough. And there’s a horse, there should always be a horse not so sure why it’s one of my old rules. Never question my mystic empress rules. It might very well be an empress. I think they do have cats as symbols. Your cookie cutters are lovely. Now there’s a line you don’t get everyday.

    This empress seems to remember cookies as being part of the warm AREKU Christmas charm experience. <3

    It was a real nice and sunny Sunday over here as well. Can one give too many clues? This Sherlock remains most unconvinced of that.

    I do not suffer from personality disorder. This is how writers work, but then as a performer you probably know that. Not saying we ain't just a tad bit crazy stepping through characters, just that it's a work habit flow thing.

    Okay weekend… what did I do? Did I do anything?
    According to me probably not, meaning I did a lot without even thinking of it. No baking for me, but I did enjoy yours. A lot!

    I bought some gifts, but for the most part I tried to navigate around people. Therefore I had a great idea, why don't I buy some candy to treat myself? I did. Did I remember to eat any while shopping? No… That is classic me. Now I have writing candy instead.
    No fear, I treated myself to coffee and a rather scrumptious raspberry éclair while out. Yes it is pretty much me and the dear old but very stylish ladies.

    And bought another pen… yeah. It's a thing but for this one I do have a plan it wasn't as random as it usually is. I have a lot of pens I'm not sure why or how it really started it just never ended. People give me pens I don't know. I do use them an awful lot so it's a great gift.

    I did take some pictures of Christmas lights in town, because I like that sort of thing. Gets me thinking nice thoughts about past, present and future as well as providing story ideas. No wonder my brain is overactive.

    I also found myself fully enjoying K’s goth-candy go listen to recommends. Been ages since I heard those! Things have changed a lot since last I heard them. And to actually feel that helps against the anxiety of feeling stuck.

    What else? Talking all and nothing and life being messy on the phone. Took care of the cats. Read texts for this week’s meetings. Among them a really cute book manuscript best described as a bedtime story for children, it’s about a family of hares that go on an adventure under the moonlight to rescue their son from the foxes. Hits the spot. And there are friendly bats in it. Yes! Gets me dreaming and focused.

    Also started to edit upcoming writing projects. Made some sort of sweet potato dish. Oh yes, went down and dug out the Christmas decorations boxes from the basement, Jamie (the kitten) came along and helped out. He likes exploring that spooky basement floor with all its closed off doors.

    That's pretty much nothing. Probably tons more going on inside my head but it's a mess and let’s not try and untangle that vast space. Another day perhaps. But I do wonder if shandy on a Sunday is a thing. It ought to be.

    I did notice the noise of tittle-tattle. Never mind and move on.

    There comes a time when other things become more important. Such as remembering who you are and what you want. Déjà vu Sunday thoughts anyone? You did and do have a lot of influence on me. For the better. You give me strength when life do mess things around. That is one of many without proper currency values you have. And cutest cookies on top of that. No wonder you unlock that rare yuletide cheer in me. Deep in me!

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