“Someday” – Make it happen Today

“Someday” is a place for all kind of wishes and ambitions.

It’s the place where we put a lot of thoughts and planning, with hopes of possibly making it happen someday. It’s where we put the smallest, and the biggest, thoughts and ideas.
What we managed to scrabble out on a napkin during a lunch-break, the single line that came out of a bad night, the diaries you probably would like to burn in five years, the tears on the ride home blended with the rain outside of the window.
That long away “someday” is a bank where we put both gold and trash, before we even know the worth. “Someday” is filled with ambitions that couldn’t, or shouldn’t, or just wouldn’t become reality – at least not on that day.
The sad thing is, that we rarely tend to check in on our balance. Checking out how things are going, and to maybe do a withdrawal of that awesome idea for a movie you had two years ago on the bus to work.

We’re only human, and humans forget.
But there’s a difference in forgetting that kid Timmy’s birthday (I’m sure he’ll be okey, he’s like four, give him a bounce-ball and an Amiga and he’ll be good for ages) and forgetting about the passion. I’ve seen, heard and read, about people (for a brief time even myself) who at some point thought that they weren’t the starring role of their own life. Because there is something worse than forgetting, and that is neglect.
Neglecting yourself, or your craft – or your intentions.
If you live to make someone else day, everyday, you won’t see the possibilities of your own ability.
And living while neglecting your own time is worse than having no time and no life.

I want that “someday” to become “today”, everyday. That’s of course a fairly optimistic view on things, some might even say unrealistic. But if you set the bar high, you could always lower it when needed, but most importantly keep raising it.
I do know very well that “what is good, needs a lot of hard work – and time.”
Most often it takes more than anyone will ever know. But here’s the kicker; once you make it happen, it’s like bliss and joy. Even if they only see the “tip of the iceberg”, you’ll know the whole story – and be proud.

You can’t create amazing things by just wanting. And it’s easy to get distressed and put down by not seeing the results you wanted straight away. But good things takes time.
Knowing ones craft takes time, but even more – knowing yourself, takes time.
Most likely, all of your time. Because we’re never really done with getting to know ourselves, to continue to push ourselves forward.
And artist that says “I know all that there is to know, I’m done” will never know their true potential.

So let’s put our wishes and ambitions to work, and create.
Continue to strive forwards, remember your lunch-break notes, sleepless nights and tears.

There’s much that I would like to do, but even more that I want to do. And that is what makes all of the difference. To make, to create, and the wish to improve.
Make “someday” become “today”. 

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