Snow realm










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  • jag gillar det bild för att du lyckas fånga en djup i dina bilder … och du är väldigt professionell också !

  • An Empire!

    ’tis the season for warm <3
    Magical, so real and tint of unreal. One part dream one part reality, oh I fancy it!
    Wow, the sky, the amazing divided yet united sky. Snowy landscapes, spellbinding. I have always liked snow, there's a lot of playing in the snow pictures of me as a child. I remember getting up on my own, getting dressed and all, going outside in the cold winter landscape enjoying the morning sun. Getting a bit of a scolding for that, but worth the fun. Wild child, but incredibly sweet.

    Kind of wish someone had read me the old tales/poems back then, so I'd get why I kept talking to trees thinking they somehow knew things. It would have made more sense if I knew about the world as a tree or something, but I just figured they'd been around for a long time and therefore they had knowledge. Or was it because they listen?

    You can uproot and move the country girl, but never take her love of trees for there's a special one, somewhere, waiting for her. Waiting to hear about secrets and dreams.
    Even the secret dreams.

    Then the moon. Never was it a man in the moon but a woman. Comfort and warmth on those cold winter nights. Whispering her soothing words. It will all be fine. And when one listens under a clear sky, it becomes true. The comfort will be found in blue. Inside the fence. The winds can be chilly so you better keep yourself snug as best you can. Windmills they speak such freedom, the wind cannot be tamed only played with. The feeling of wind blowing on your skin. Blow it here, to me. Make a red berry potion for your dearest. To make sure not even the mind stands in the way of completing that last picture.

    This hero is needed.
    Overflow with me

    You get me all excited!
    never hiding it
    from you

    I never could shout
    fill me up
    with you

    scared you'd feel me
    see the bare skin
    of me

    and all I do now
    is dream of
    you, close

    never fearing
    is hard, so damn hard
    I can't even tell

    how you flow in my fluids

    so beautiful I can't think
    can't do a thing
    but fall again

    feel the want
    meant to be for me

    time says it isn't new
    feelings say
    new – excite

    cold/hot, hot, hot
    you are
    beyond that pale skin and the star blue eyes

    because you've got a healing smile
    because you listen, actually listen
    rare, it is

    I wish I could send every thought I have as a paper plane to you

    the art in my head
    full of laughter
    dance and cheer
    darkness is finding it crowded

    the colours return
    except they're wild once again
    like the two ravens
    knowledge is all

    except it's not!
    you are

    the storm that never left me
    light from the moon drowning
    wind holding on to – me
    tree whispers all the dreams back
    I dance by the water imagine
    life to come

    into my arms
    you never turned away
    my drops that rippled

    I used to think tomorrow was stupid
    without purpose
    no realm

    now, I can't wait

    I wake to find
    my desire waiting for me
    to give me pleasure

    Your scenes inspire oh so much!

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