Saturday with the band

Today was band-day, meaning rehearsal and fika! Oh how I’ve missed these guys!

We begun rehearsals at 10 AM, and I can honestly not remember the last time we did that, haha. It’s not that early, but it felt early – probably because it was a cloudy Saturday and the streets were so empty and quiet. And a bit cold.
But you can always wear a jacket indoors

The rehearsal went well, I felt like we had a special atmosphere today!

Thereafter it was time to refill on energy, for me meaning eating a sandwich in a peculiar way.  I should have remembered to take some more photos while away, as it makes for a more interesting post.  I’ll try to do that next time!
On another note; for those of you who read this far I can give you a small teaser that my label Gance Media will soon have a new release coming. Or releases.


Lastly; “Tja tja bloggen!

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