Return to my first Camera – Fujica MF

Today I’m revisiting the first camera I ever shot a picture on – the Fujica MF. This camera was made in the 80’s as an affordable point-and-shoot with fixed aperture (approximated 42mm /f.8 according to this source) and shutter, which I estimate to around 1/90. Growing up, this camera was lent to me by my father as mentioned in my article “A brief history of my cameras“, something that might have been the first seed planted, influenced me to pursue photography in the extend I’m doing now.

AREKU first camera Fujica MF

~4 years old AREKU with a Fujica MF camera

About 20 years later, I decided to revisit this first camera-experience by loading up the Fujica MF with some FujiFilm Superia 200 and head out to see how it performs. All photos were scanned with a Canon Pixma MG5750 from prints made with Fuji Frontier 570, with some slight adjustments made in Adobe Lightroom.

AREKU Fujica MF-1











Despite its age, this camera is still holding up. The fixed lens and shutter makes it far from suitable for situations that’s very low- or highly light, but as a daily driver in the coat pocket, I see no problems. With its fixed settings, there’s no room for manual settings or adjustments. It leaks a bit of light, closest focus is about 1 meter, and with no sharpness when “focusing” at infinity (as seen in picture #4). Regarding how the pictures turn out, Lomographers out there, this is what you want.

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  • 20 years later I’m revisiting the first camera I ever shot a photo with at age 4, see the pictures here:…

  • Trying out the #Fujica MF 20 years later from when I first got it. Results here:

  • This is so cool!!

    What a Sweetheart you are! <3

    For some reason I see two parallel stories, that marries well I think. It's fun trying to catch up with my thinking sometimes. When I'm not overexplaining things that is. Please, get in between that.

    Meaning can be found in multiple ways and that is something that's both good and bad. In my view mostly good. I won't go too deep into this nor my huge love for the idea of non bodily sexuality. Which I'm very interested in and find so delicate in your work. That abstract sexual connection that is deeper and transcending the physical body. Meaning maybe that sex don't have to be locked to genital representation or even human body, even if it's a human sexual desire that is the subject. I find that sort of thinking very interesting and it probably derives or coincides with my interest in decadence as an artist movement. Where desire isn't always focused on a person or anything human or organic, it can also be an object that cannot or will not fulfill that sexual desire. Then the desire for itself becomes the desire. I find such interesting to think about. Not at all saying human bodies or genitals for that matter can't be sexy and beautiful, but there's the risk of viewing sexual as only that physical manifestation. I don't believe in that. I think the mind needs to be fed too. Mixing things up and arouse in different ways is just so much more fun!

    I kind of really like the fourth one. How it's unclear to the eye but so damn clear in my head. The hint that feeds the want for, so badly.

    Aww, they're all so damn cute! In case you've forgotten in all my ramblings. Can't have that!
    Also I want to write that out, they’re really cute and this is such a sweet idea.

    Funny random knowledge about me, I really like cactuses, especially that kind, I don't remember the name of it now, but its flowers are very pretty. I had that kind in my room at my dad's. Blossomed every winter. Such feels! I think it gives me the right ones. Pretty and painful.

    You're so clever and funny and right on. A little bit filthy. Perfect really. Capturing every (e)motion like you do. With fire, I like that. How it's painful, beautiful and also warm. Maybe even too hot and yet comfortable and soft.

    Wanting all of that to come at once! Good and complex. Of course the film photography atmosphere adds to the appeal. There’s a kind of soothing softness to them, a caring. A special charm if you will. It does remind me of younger days of course, growing up with film rolls at the plenty. Not to mention the amount of negative strips that piled up where you least expect them. All part of the charm. Like all of my books and notes. Life stuff.

    The film feel + countryside makes me feel at home. Wish I could explain it more than it just feels so right. Sure there’s the old connection and nostalgia, but it’s beyond that or deeper down underneath that. An emotional connection to meaning. Maybe it’s the want of having only your voice in my head.

    Regardless, I long for the feelings and shapes I found in these.

    Lastly I have to say I’m surprised that the camera held up so well. What a super gift!

    Sunny days with you

    talking about all that matter
    a perfect day spent in your smile
    and eyes of fire
    I want…
    I need you to go down on me now

    want that tongue
    your fingers, hands
    all over/in me
    earth moving, sky rumbling
    feeling only the softness of your hair

    the touch of lips
    a meeting of skins
    pulled inside
    wet dirty bodies

    Blurred Together
    contours changing inside the lock

    there’s beauty in watching days pass
    the prettiest parts has found place
    moving around inside
    your safe, rocking us
    while growing into half a moon
    twisting days into hours into minutes into seconds

    holding you as hard as I can
    burying my life in your chest
    it’s time, love
    it’s time to fall again
    Fall In Love

    squeeze my heart good so that I can push
    new and clean and ours and pain and happiness

    Day please come
    and call us by our rightful names

    “Dad, in your arms we soar”
    “Mom, in your care we love”

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