Good day!

Today I’m coming to you with a post where I collect the musical releases I’ve done so far this year as a solo artist, as well as some news later on.
Most of my musical activities goes right into my band AVALINITY, but sometimes I make music that is better suited released on its own.

First out this year was my song 「TRAVELER」, released 31.01.2015.
I wanted to mix EDM with instruments like Tar, Dizi and Sitar, and see how it sounds.
How does it sound then? Well, I can just say that I really like this track.
Have a listen!

Next up is a short song and video I made, called「Alice’s Winter Box」.
Released 2.02.2015, my thoughts were to make a song that reflected the snow that was then outside, as well as something that sounded like a toy box-melody.



With my latest release, I went back for an electronic sound. By now, I’d played around quite a bit with the Alesis Q25 that I used for TRAVELER, and wanted to do something alike that, yet something new.
So on 24.04.2015 I released the song「SORROW


How about new releases?
Well, soon
More precisely, I’ve been working since last autumn with a couple of song that finally is nearing their final form.
As I got new equipment when I celebrated my birthday, I’m now able to add the final touches.
If you want to get an idea of what kind of direction its heading, you can check out the teaser/preview below.
Which is your favorite?

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