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Today, like many other days, was a rehearsal day with AVALINITY.  Yoru, our support bassist is traveling to Japan tomorrow, and will be away for about a month, so it was nice to see him off before he leaves. Have a safe flight!
But before the rehearsal, I spent some time looking around for new items. My wardrobe feels more and more in desperate need of some new additions, so I try to check out the stores whenever I’m in the city with some time to spare.


I didn’t find what I was looking for (mainly clothing), but I did find some sweet shoes, which are always needed, that just so happened to be on sale.

As it was a pure bargain (45 SEK, or around 5½ USD) for a brand new pair of shoes, I just couldn’t resist.


As some of you might know, I’m also a big fan of thrift shops. In Lund (where I mostly shop) it’s almost obligatory to visit the “Erikshjälpen” in hunt for some neat stuff.
I was extra thrilled to find some new optic (with M42-mount) for my camera, more precisely a Chinon 135mm f/2,8 in great condition.

chinon areku 135mm f2,8This lens will be a nice addition to my small collection of lenses. As I rarely shoot tele-shots, I think this will make me challenge myself. I will keep you posted about how well it performs.
My previous experiences with Chinon have always been good, so my expectations is set fairly high, haha.

To top of the day, me and K went for a fika after todays rehearsal. It was nice to just chat a bit!

On a final note, while traveling home I recieved a text from the people at Thomann that my package (which I talked briefly about yesterday) was ready and had been sent off. I hope my package will travel safely from Germany to Sweden now, and make it well in time for my birthday next week.
Apparently the package weights 9 kg!

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  • you like thrift stores? Is great, encuentras cosas lindas en esos lugares!

  • It is sad to leave K and 1 month.(´・ω・`) But Japan will welcome the K.(*^^)v Have fun I want back.(o^^o) It is hope someday AREKU also Correll in Japan.(^_-) Fika and was also good at as enjoy.(*^_^*)

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    […] As mentioned in my previous post, I got myself a new lens yesterday  – the Chinon 135mm f.2,8 with a M42-mount. The lens can be found online, and depending on condition and mount, go for around 30-80 USD (which makes the 7$ I paid for mine seems like a joke) so it’ s in no way a expensive lens. But what do you get for the price? I decided to take my new friend out for a quick test, just to see how well it performs. The photos have was shot with my Nikon D3000 (like most of the other pictures I publish) in RAW, later converted in Lightroom, where I also made minor adjustments with color and contrast which is my regular post-procedure.  The first thing that hits me is that this lens has some pretty sweet bokeh. After coming back home again and reading up a bit on this lens, I found out that it’s often used for portraits, which should come as no surprise. I will have to further investigate the bokeh-abilities of this lens. […]

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