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“Music Finds” is a series with new posts here on the blog each Wednesday. The concept is as follows:
As I listen to a lot of music, I from time to time finds a piece that sticks out, sometimes because it’s quirky, mixed two very unlikely genres, unlikely instruments, or just damn right having an awesome sound. Expect any kind of genre to appear here. These songs is what I will be sharing with you in these posts called “Music Finds”
But really it’s mostly a segment about some of my most played songs!”

 Today is a rainy day. Often rain makes me in the mood for Asian Kung-Fu Generation, Jimmy Eat World or especially Plastic Tree. But also, less often mentioned; also selected pieces of compositions for Super Nintendo-games. In a recent Tweet I mention how much I accosiate rain with  this console. So in today’s episode of AREKU’s Music Finds, I’ll present some of my favorite tunes from the SNES-games I used to play as the rain fell.

One of my favorite movements are starting at 05:34 – “Kakariko Village”.





If I ever did a guitar cover of a game song, this would be one candidate:

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7 Responses to “Rainy Game

  • Rainy days…

    Cold outside, warm inside. I don’t have that fond memories of SNES, music or otherwise, quite simply because I never had one. But I so like the poetics of a rainy game day. My most sentimental console will probably always be the NES but as I think about it, all of the consoles I own have a story. Wow, never thought properly about that before.

    Zelda is not that much of my game, I don’t have a nostalgic feel for it, but I did like the Kakariko Village part of the music. I did play it with friends that had SNES, or rather I did my bit and read while they played. I don’t know why it’s not really my game. Just never stuck with me, I can’t give any other explanation. It is a classic though no question about that. The music rings of that classic gaming feel though. One can get nostalgic just from that.

    Oh no… why oh why did I not spend my time gaming? Pretty much the same lack of nostalgia for Donkey Kong, but the music is horribly addictive. However I seem to remember a lot of talk about this game, because his girlfriend aids him.

    F-zero, those emotions! Is this a good time to confess that dark dark secret addiction to racing games? I hope so. Not that I’m that good at it anymore. F-Zero is so beat the boys at their own game kind of a game. ^^ I’m such a horrid girl. If there’s any SNES games I remember fondly it is this and Super Mario World.

    So what do I game then?

    Let’s skip most of the NES and just leave it at I’ve always been a fan of Mario games and I have an obsession with balloon Fight. I downloaded a NES emulator for my phone. Baaad, stupid balloon game is so addictive. Nintendo is where it all started so naturally closest to my heart. I don’t really enjoy gaming on my own; therefore it is no surprise to me I like the more family feel of the Nintendo games. Video games is a we (or should that be Wii) thing in my world. I do play on my own but that’s not nearly as fun. I do have a Wii, a birthday gift, so which is my favourite game for that console? Hmm… Well F1 racing was shiit scary but fun, still I think my favourite is Soulcalibur Legends. There’s something pleasing about your arm getting numb from having to wield that control and waving around like a crazy maniac.

    Other than that I also have a DS and 3DS bought both of them on trips to London. The DS was the first console I bought with my very own money. So many games and all I end up playing is Pokémon… I’m so lame. Same for the 3DS. The only games I really played on my 3DS were Pokémon and Ace Attorney.

    Pokémon, where to begin that tale. Too old for it the first time it was a hype. Well that is to say I enjoyed Pokémon with my younger brothers. This was totally safe. I do play the card game too, quite enjoy it as it goes, but then again card games are really one of my things. The Gloom series is my all-time favourite card game, dark and untimely as I am. No, but I enjoy making up stories about the characters as you try and end their lives. Sounds so bad out of context.

    Back to Pokémon. I didn’t really get into the video gaming bit of it before my dear friend Vicky bought me Pokémon Diamond and from then on I was hooked on it. I think it’s because I could easily play to and from work and collect and explore, which really is my thing when one thinks about it. And the nostalgia of reliving a world I enjoyed with my brothers making up stories, a bit like getting the missing pieces of the puzzle back. I suppose Pokémon for me has that family connection that is so hard to retell but cherished all the same. So every time I see a family enjoy the Pokémon Go on their phones it brings a warm feeling. It really is something one should enjoy together.

    It’s no big secret that my favourite Pokémon(s) is Togepi/Togetic/Togekiss I like all three evolutions which is rare for me but there you go. Togepi was also my youngest brother’s favourite. Togepi is the baby, hard not to love him. My other brother’s favourite (when he was young at least) was Jigglypuff or Jigglypuss, so much kissing in this. We used to sing the Jigglypuff song when he couldn’t sleep at night.

    Other than that I’d say that it is the water type that is my thing. And Squirtle is a chapter all in itself. But I think you know that. The Magikarp story always interested me. I like the poetics of the seemingly useless fish turning into a rather scary and powerful blue dragon fish thingy. Who knows what useless becomes if it only tries. Funny useless anecdote, I happen to evolve a Magikarp by mistake in the Diamond game. I just caught it fishing and wandered into a tough battle and it evolved I didn’t even remember that I had left a member before so it automatically ended up as part of my team, imagine my surprise. That’s the silly stuff that is so truly me. From then on it was part of my team and maybe also a bit of a lucky charm.

    The most gaming nostalgic for me has to be my Playstation 2. Not just rainy days, although a few of those, also for the very reason I have and treasure it so much. My silver edition is a sort of memorial to all the family members passed by then and in particular my grandfather on my mother’s side. I bought it in his memory with the money I inherited, even though I was supposed to do other things with the money. He was a high functioning alcoholic, despite that, he was nothing but nice to me. All my memories of him are from my childhood; to me he was fun, games and creativity. When I was little I knew he was ill somehow, not understanding the addiction fully of course. He was never coarse or anything of the sort, quite the contrary. I wanted to keep the memory of playfulness; it seemed more honest and far more respectful. And also I was pretty pissed off at the time. I didn’t know he was dying in pain… and the cold phone call letting me know he had died. Stirred a lot of anger. Like money ever mattered to me! To pass like that without being told how much those childhood days of play meant… I’d never wish that for anyone with a kind but broken heart.

    All my stories are so incredibly bittersweet and broken… This darkness.

    Memorable games I played on the PS2: Medal of Honor, Nightmare before Christmas Oogie’s Revenge and Harry Potter. Oh and yes… SingStar.

    Funnily enough I didn’t have that many fighting games for the PS2, which is the other game genre that is an obsession of mine. Tekken has since I don’t even remember when been my kind of game. I think my favourite one has to be Tag Tournament 2 and favourite character to play is Leo. Other than that Soulcalibur V has been played way too many times, at night. See… ummm there might be a blond longhaired character created on one of those slots…

    Other games I’ve enjoyed would be:

    Alice Madness Returns – Oh that is so much my game!! I’m stuck though, I need help to finish it. Favourite game soundtrack, so very haunting in that chased by something gothic feel. Well worth a listen!

    Wolf Among Us – Didn’t think I’d enjoy it seeing as it’s based on the comic Fables, not a favourite of mine, but I did. Although I’m still super sad I punched the toad. I’m getting more empathic… More caring with each day. Characters are perhaps a bit more real to me as I spend so much time thinking about stories for my own. The dark side of being able to see and feel others so vividly. It’s at least my theory.

    Lego Dimensions – OH! It was awesome. So sad I don’t have a Wii u because it was perfect for that game. Long since I enjoyed a game that much. Cute, destructive and lots of attitude and nonsense and not too complicated. Perfect social/family game. It brought me one of those moments, when all stops and I look out of the window at the clouds above, wishing I had that family.

    I wonder if it is shocking to know I’m only a longing human after all. It has taken me a while to realise.

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