As mentioned in my Sunday Thoughts-post, it’s important to take a moment to think where you are and what you want to do. Today could be seen as a spiritual successor, as I want to touch base and tell about some of the things that are coming up – what’s in the pipeline so to say.
SophistiGance I just finished a new prototype for SophistiGance – I’m confident about this version. It will be announced in a couple of weeks and thereafter available to purchause  I’m also working on expansions of the brand, venturing into some exciting kind of products. This will likely not be out for at least a couple of months if everything goes well, but I still wanted to give you a first hint that something might be happening.
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I can also hint that Gance Media might have something up their sleeves.. If you’re new, Gance Media is my publishing/production-label, that at the moment have AREKU and Master K as affiliated artists.
OHP: www.gancemedia.com


The secret construction is going forward, and I could hint that about 80% of the mother base have landed. This have been a really fun, challenging and educational project that will be one really fun post to make once it’s ready to reveal, so buckle up for that!

Lastly, and probably most near publication, is a photo idea I got last week. It’s based about “contrasts”, which is an intentional vauge description. I think it’ll be interesting.

Tomorrow is Wednesday, which means a new episode of Music Finds – see you then!

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