Here is some more photos from this past week ends photo shoot!
I also took some shots, which you can find here. If I wasn’t tempted on getting a Leica before, I am now..

AREKU photoshoot church gothic avalinity band Photographer

AREKU photoshoot church gothic avalinity band Photographer

AREKU photoshoot church gothic avalinity band Photographer

AREKU photoshoot church gothic avalinity band Photographer

AREKU photoshoot church gothic avalinity band Photographer

Photos by Melva Yan.


Behind the scenes:

3 Responses to “Photoshoot

  • How beautiful you are <3
    And so are the pictures.

    I usually don't like to say perfect but I got to say they're absolutely perfect. "All the angels are shamed." I love this kind of old style meets modern. To be honest I have always admired that in your style. That is something about you that stuck with me from the very beginning. In that sense I'm not surprised, but you still take the breath away. It's one thing to imagine it's quite another to see it.

    Sometimes I can’t help but wonder if you can see my dreams.

    Many details spark emotions in me. The first I noticed was the clock and hands. Then the movement in the hair and the boots of course. ^^ Those things aren’t exactly secret passions of mine, I see much more but I’m not telling. I'll leave it to the heat of imagination. With a smile of satisfaction upon my lips.

    You move with my feelings
    and at times the thought of you kisses the sky

    I like all of them, but the last three are… beyond the words I write. Talk about sparking inspiration to keep searching for those words. Time and longing, agonising and pretty.

    I no longer matter…I’m becoming much more than ever before.

    I would certainly say you've got bits of proper dandy in that posture and curves. A compliment I assure you. I think that focus on the one object (the clock) echoes the artistic dandy style even though it's not as colourful as they were. No complaints from me.

    Yes there's certainly a hint of undead too. My kind of! I like that sophisticated threat from within, smooth talking and hypnotizing (handsome) foe. I guess I see vampire. I was never much for blood and gore when it comes to vampires. They might be predators but I think what interests me is their ability to cloak themselves as human and seduce us with the forbidden everlasting lust.

    I have never understood the need for horns and other animal bits… Neither for undeads nor for Satan/Lucifer or whatever you want to call it. Why would it be necessary to depict the evil as being part animal? It’s a scary life view, too often used as propaganda to invoke fear. I have nothing against the old stories of crossbreeds that are neither good nor bad it’s just the depiction of so called evil connected to the thoughts of soulless animal that never have struck a chord with me. It’s not scary to see only annoyingly small-minded.

    On a much happier note I have a particular liking for fair-haired vampires. Why? I have no idea. I'd guess I like the contrast of dark and light and things not being what they appear to be. It's so very much my thing and have always rocked my heart. And if they happen to play chess, just like death… Oh my, I have not forgotten that! It's hardly a coincidence that the first BJD I bought was a blond vampire.

    And swiftly we change subject completely. I've not got much experience with Leica, but that’s hardly a reason for not wanting one or not to be fascinated by them. I'm one of life's 'if you haven't tried it how do you know it isn’t your thing?'. I'm hopelessly romantically curious in a dystopian obsessed world. For whatever that means. I really like the softness in the pictures. Soothing and pleasing for the eye.

    Hur kunde jag missa att säga do(o)mkyrkan. Hur vackert som helst!

    His is the beauty
    I find myself caught

    His is the kindness
    protection and anger

    His is the love
    compassion and warmth

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