Photo memory lane

Let’s take a small walk, shall we?












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  • And more photos on the site <<–
    Admiring the beauty
    by @AREKU_Avalinity
    A love of nature…

  • Darling, we shall.
    It was a true treat to see some older pictures.

    I found my draft of the first two paragraphs and I wanted to finish it.

    It was grey
    impossibly dull and tiresome
    grey because I could not say
    what bounced among my clouds
    veiled myself from
    the veil of craving

    dreams have form
    in clouds, in minds
    a pretty dream in my head
    for me, until there was you
    now it’s not dreaming of
    it’s dreaming to

    I lust after all those days
    and don’t listen to tittle-tattle
    speak of us if it helps
    spread it round little ones
    fill those heads of yours with
    sweet love and think no more

    No one will ever hurt you
    just take our hands
    jump and be free, little one
    you make me happy
    overflowing joy
    on our private walk

    those hands in the wind
    reach for this sky
    reach for me
    wake me from this dream
    even if the bells are sweet
    and the shine so warm

    r e a l

    Don’t hold back!
    You are safe with me
    I was your friend all along
    I saw you
    and I know you saw me too
    STAY with me, behind it all
    Caught in your web
    come in my arms
    come with me

    hold us me in your arms you in mine
    spin your web and listen
    to adore we have always
    catch me writing we
    Catch me looking
    Friendly yes caught me dreaming
    we never said goodbye

    love does not threaten
    it grows and grows

    it falls at times but then
    rise and grows again
    stronger, harder, faster
    it walks
    Oh, how it walks

    with warmth deeper than fire

    Somehow these pictures and the text kept growing out of control. Like it’s not satisfied, not to be finished. Both annoying and lovely at the same time. I’ll leave it as it’s written now, but know that it’s still growing inside.

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