Perfume review – Armani, Burberry, Juicy Couture, Paco Rabanne

Today I’ll talk a little about perfume.
Not the J-pop band though.

A couple of months back I received a couple of samples from the brands of Armani, Burberry, Juicy Couture, Paco Rabanne. I decided to not only enjoy the fragrances, but also give my humble opinion about them, because why not?
Just a disclosure before we begin: I am in no way endorsed by any of the brands mentioned. I will always make it VERY clear if I’m doing a sponsored post, by stating so.

PerfumeSo, how did I perform the testing? In a highly scientific way – by just wearing the different scents and taking notes whenever I felt I found something worth telling. I also noted that all but Armani seemed to be labeled as “women perfume”, but who cares about that. Perfumes don’t have genders.
Also, since it’s hard to write feeling into words, I’ve done my best to not sound too much as a wine-critic, but my descriptions may still sound a bit spacey, especially since got no idea about the preferred perfume-terminology.
You’ve been warned.

Let’s start of with the outsides(the packaging), where the only one worth mentioning is Burberry, who sent their sample in a tiny tiny box, unlike the other brands that had their testers in a small pamphlet.

Burberry – My Burberry
Starts off with a very light scent. You’ll notice if someone is using it, but it’s not “IN YOUR FACE” noticable.
It’s a discrete scent, with a high register meaning a very light, flowery scent. I can feel some rose, but mostly it’s just overall a very “sweet” scent.

After the first half n hour, the scent’s is mostly sweat, as in candy-made-with-real-sugar-sweet, not much rose.

After a couple of hours, the higher register disapears (as with all perfumes) and the so called “base tones” get’s more noticeable, primarily rose. Feels like a typical “evening” perfume. Not too luxurious, but still a little special.
Overall it fades a bit to quick, at least on my skin.

ARMANI – Eau d’Aromes Giorgio

Don’t let the brand name fool you, this smells nothing like a suit, though it do give one a feel of business.
Of these four, this is the one I’ll call the “work place-perfume”.
It’s most prominent in the lower registers, with higher notes reminding me a bit about the Burberry above, but with a more citrus like sweetness, but more mellow.
After an hour or two, the scent is a bit more spicy, but still with a hint of orange.

Juicy Couture – I Am Juicy Couture

At first, I thought this smelt a lot like lip-gloss, haha.
When getting more familiar with the scent, it however gets a bit more complex. During the first minutes, it’s heavy on the strawberry fields, but not forever. The strawberries stays, but feels more like jam rather than a field. Maybe, just maybe, a hint of vanilla?
It has a warmth, much like the Paco Rabenne below, that I enjoy. Somedays it can be a bit too fruity, but overall I’ve grown to like it quite a bit. A typical “night out”-feel on this one, or to spice up an “ordinary” day.
Also, it seems to last pretty long!

Paco Rabenne – Olympea

This seems to have the same base of fruity’ness as the Couture, but a bit cooler. Not in a “woow, cool!” way, but rather in a temperature way. Not at all much base notes, nor middle register, as it is in the high notes this perfume resides. Defiantly living  on the more vanilla side of life.
This is the scent of fruits with drops of water running along its peals in slow-motion embodied. It feels fresh, like a good summer evening after the rain. It’s like the kind of flowers you only can smell when they’re almost halfway up your nose. This scent has some integrity.

After a couple of hours, the most noticeable strays are vanilla, and maybe a little hint of citrus. Not really any warmth here.


Verdict: Not at all bad perfumes! Of these four, I must say that it was Armani and Juicy Couture that I found myself using the most, with Olympea close after on the third place.
Somehow I didn’t really use the Burberry that much. Might change that, as it was overall still a good scent.


Stay tuned for next week, when I do this exact same thing, but with cheap wine and even weirder words!

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