Palette of Fall

AREKU Autumn photography

AREKU Autumn photography AREKU Autumn photography

AREKU Autumn photography

2 Responses to “Palette of Fall

  • Such lively colour it is. There’s much more to autumn than decay and the cold. It’s also the time for new beginnings. Some things have to die for other greater ones to live. I think that passing of time is humbling and why not celebrate the change with a palette of colours. And then your artistry simply makes it look like a dream come true.

    To fall for a fall kiss

    Your trees it’s hard not to soul them with all emotions, not least with the romance. Sometimes I don’t half wonder if I’m part wood elf as well. A leafy kissing scene, that’s the sweetest ever! It undoubtedly puts colour to my cheeks and explodes like imagination in my mind. Seemingly simple motion creates such great emotions. The mere suggestion can be ever so invigorating, enough for a very happy dance.

    And all the trees are gathered. What a pretty scene! That fall light. All those branches reaching gives a warm you’re not alone vibe as well. And it’s a bit cloaked, kind of a secret. One cannot help but be happily curious. I guess the flowers know but they ain’t telling. They don’t look half smugly happy there. I swear that flowers can talk and taunt you. Life is certainly more fun that way. Once down a rabbit hole…

    And what a sky! You can hardly blame the flowers for taunting about those clear skies ahead now can you? Such joie de vivre in that last picture. It makes me positively happy!

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