A day in Malmö

Today I headed off to Malmö to hang with K. We spent most off the day watching a so-crappy-it’s-actually-funny-series, in which I found the sub-plot to be way better than the main-story. Coffee-Guy x The Brother is OTP. But we also got some business done, spending an hour filming for a new video that I’ll […]

What’s new?

Hello! In my attempt to blog more regular, here’s a quick round up of what have been going on lately. In a somewhat, but not at all perfect, chronological mess. I released a new song, called 「SORROW」   It was K‘s birthday the weekend after, so me, Freddie and Yoru celebrated her. It was a fun […]

I built a guitar (L:gance N°1)

I built a guitar (L:gance N°1)

Back in late 2012, I built my first guitar by myself. A couple of weeks ago, I published a video of me demoing the guitar, that was well received. So I thought that I would let you in on the process of me building that guitar, but also tell you some news: I will soon […]

Solitude Landscape

I walked outside, into the mist. If you like my work, please check out and leave a “like” on my Facebook-page: https://www.facebook.com/AREKUofficial  

Live at Fäladen

This past Thursday, my band AVALINITY played our third live of this year, this time at Fäladsgården in Lund. We’ve participated in a competition called “Livekarusellen”, where bands signs up and gets to play at least three show together with 3-4 other bands during the same night, and if advancing gets to play even more […]

Today in pictures

Photographing manually

After a couple of years with fully manual photographing, there is a couple of things to reflect upon. Before I start, this is what I mean with “fully manual”: No auto focus No light meter No aperture-/shutter-priority How it started   A couple of years ago, just after I began with the digital format, I […]

Spring weather

About last week or so, we here in southern Sweden (Scania) had a wonderful hint of spring, before the rain and cold came back. Today, it once again felt like spring was on its way, and hopefully so it the case this time! I won’t cheer just yet, since I know from over the years […]

Street photo

Street photo is one field of photography that I’m quite new to. It was first around 2010-2011 that I truly discovered the fun in bringing my camera with me on a stroll through the city. Around the same time, I also discovered the joy o nigh-photo (which I’ve written about earlier), so the city gave […]

A light shimmer of Nostalgia

It’s raining today. Besides that, it’s a Saturday. Two things that can only be likable, happening at the same time. Thereby, what could be more suiting for such a rainy Saturday than to play some video games? I have been wondering to play some of my old, dusty games since a while back, and the […]