Live at Fäladen

This past Thursday, my band AVALINITY played our third live of this year, this time at Fäladsgården in Lund. We’ve participated in a competition called “Livekarusellen”, where bands signs up and gets to play at least three show together with 3-4 other bands during the same night, and if advancing gets to play even more […]

Today in pictures

Photographing manually

After a couple of years with fully manual photographing, there is a couple of things to reflect upon. Before I start, this is what I mean with “fully manual”: No auto focus No light meter No aperture-/shutter-priority How it started   A couple of years ago, just after I began with the digital format, I […]

Spring weather

About last week or so, we here in southern Sweden (Scania) had a wonderful hint of spring, before the rain and cold came back. Today, it once again felt like spring was on its way, and hopefully so it the case this time! I won’t cheer just yet, since I know from over the years […]

Street photo

Street photo is one field of photography that I’m quite new to. It was first around 2010-2011 that I truly discovered the fun in bringing my camera with me on a stroll through the city. Around the same time, I also discovered the joy o nigh-photo (which I’ve written about earlier), so the city gave […]

A light shimmer of Nostalgia

It’s raining today. Besides that, it’s a Saturday. Two things that can only be likable, happening at the same time. Thereby, what could be more suiting for such a rainy Saturday than to play some video games? I have been wondering to play some of my old, dusty games since a while back, and the […]

At the Museum

Yesterday I teamed up with K and invaded visited a castle in Malmö called “Malmöhus”.   This old castle, once built to defend Malmö from invaders, have now been turned into a museum. It features several permanent exhibitions (about the castle, a wide collection of furniture and decor from different eras, arts and much more) as […]

My LP-collection (and how it started)

My first memory of an LP was when my fathers one afternoon played his copy of “Popcorn“. At the time, I had a very or no real interest in music. I enjoyed it, on a basic level, but that was it. But there was something about the LP-disc that really struck a chord on me, […]

Photographing at night

As a photographer you will sooner or later find out what type of motives, or “genre” of photography, that you find the most enjoyable to shoot.  There’s rarely any shortcuts in life, and photography is no exception. I’ve changed “niche” a couple of times, leaving me with a wide knowledge, but with a somewhat dark […]

The launch

I published this website now this past Monday,and the launch of this official AREKU website went really well! The response that I’ve received from you have been extraordinary and the feedback much helpful. During the first 24 hours we had 150 visitors and 434 views – that’s quite amazing! As you can see on this […]