Sophistigance is jewelry by AREKU


Hi guys! I just wanted to tell you all some news about my brand of jewelry and clothing, called SophistiGance. I recently released some new jewelry, maybe you’ve seen them already? This is the newest additions to the line of jewelry from SophistiGance: a cross necklace and cross earrings. In case you’re interested, they retail […]

AREKU’s guide to pinhole photography

AREKU’s guide to pinhole photography

Photography is one of my major hobbies. Once a time I used to work very much and often with photography, until music took the upper hand. However, I do still love to take my gear out and fire some shots. Also, I’m a big fan of DIY. So why not combine those two? For those […]

Can I replace my DSLR with the iPhone?

No. But with the right touch, you could get some pretty good results. I decided to put my current mobile to the test. As I covered in my Lo-Fi post, I’m not afraid of neither challenges or switching out my DSLR for a lo-fi camera. Now, I wouldn’t call the camera of the iPhone 4S […]

Lo-fi photography

I like challenges. So when I grown tired of my DSLR, I picked up my crappy old phone, and used that camera. It makes you think in another way when taking your photos to have such limitations. And with limitations, I mean having no control over exposure. Not even control of the focusing point. The […]

Having a field day

Today I was off for a meeting in a city nearby. I can’t say much about the meeting itself, more than just “business”. However, since I arrived with good manners a bit to early, I had some time on my hands to spend. Therefore I took it upon myself to stroll around with my camera. […]


Yesterday evening I took a walk just around where I live. I hope you’ll enjoy. Support me with a like on Facebook!    

A day in Malmö

Today I headed off to Malmö to hang with K. We spent most off the day watching a so-crappy-it’s-actually-funny-series, in which I found the sub-plot to be way better than the main-story. Coffee-Guy x The Brother is OTP. But we also got some business done, spending an hour filming for a new video that I’ll […]

What’s new?

Hello! In my attempt to blog more regular, here’s a quick round up of what have been going on lately. In a somewhat, but not at all perfect, chronological mess. I released a new song, called 「SORROW」   It was K‘s birthday the weekend after, so me, Freddie and Yoru celebrated her. It was a fun […]

I built a guitar (L:gance N°1)

I built a guitar (L:gance N°1)

Back in late 2012, I built my first guitar by myself. A couple of weeks ago, I published a video of me demoing the guitar, that was well received. So I thought that I would let you in on the process of me building that guitar, but also tell you some news: I will soon […]

Solitude Landscape

I walked outside, into the mist. If you like my work, please check out and leave a “like” on my Facebook-page: