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New header + summer photos!

  Since a while back, I have a tradition of using seasonal covers at my Facebook- and Twitter-page. Since it’s summer, it was time to change the header. What do you think about the new one? While on the subject of photographs, here’s a collection of my latest snaps, mainly from today. And as always, […]

Happy Birthday! Yesterday (18.06.2015) was my birthday. I’m now 22. I want to thank all of you who sent me your best wishes, as it was truly overwhelming to see the support and kindness from you! At one point you even managed to break my Twitter app, haha! Also a big thanks to those who sent […]

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I’m on Tumblr!

I’ve been a user of the micro-blogging site Tumblr for about 3 years, with my activity pending from “browsing for hours” to “not signing in for months”. However, I’m now back, with a new account. if you’re a Tumblr-user, I highly encourage you to follow me there to get my latest posts directly into your […]

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Evening walk

Another evening walk with my camera. I live in the middle of nature, so most of my shots reflects this. Photographing landscapes is a challenge in itself.. Also, all of these photos are taken with the Chinon 135mm f/2,8, so see this as a continuation of the post I made yesterday.  

Trying the Chinon 135mm (f/2,8)

As mentioned in my previous post, I got myself a new lens yesterday  – the Chinon 135mm f.2,8 with a M42-mount. The lens can be found online, and depending on condition and mount, go for around 30-80 USD (which makes the 7$ I paid for mine seems like a joke) so it’ s in no […]

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Rehearsal and shopping

Today, like many other days, was a rehearsal day with AVALINITY.  Yoru, our support bassist is traveling to Japan tomorrow, and will be away for about a month, so it was nice to see him off before he leaves. Have a safe flight! But before the rehearsal, I spent some time looking around for new […]

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Incoming gear and new photos

   Incoming gear and new photographs   In just a little more than a week, it’ll be my birthday (18th of June). Around this time every year, I tend to buy something nice for myself, often indirectly as a gift from my parents. The past years it have been mainly new instruments (like my 12 stringed Ibanez) […]

A History of AREKU (in pictures)

Since it’s Thursday today, so I found it fit to do a post as a part of the #TBT – Throwback Thursday. Here’s a couple of pictures of yours truly AREKU, from various passages in my life. 2008 2008 – It was at this time I began to let my hair grow out longer.  And […]

A walk in the forest