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I’m on Tumblr!

I’ve been a user of the micro-blogging site Tumblr for about 3 years, with my activity pending from “browsing for hours” to “not signing in for months”. However, I’m now back, with a new account. if you’re a Tumblr-user, I highly encourage you to follow me there to get my latest posts directly into your […]

Areku chinon m42 lens photography nature summer nostalgic landscape skåne scania birds

Evening walk

Another evening walk with my camera. I live in the middle of nature, so most of my shots reflects this. Photographing landscapes is a challenge in itself.. Also, all of these photos are taken with the Chinon 135mm f/2,8, so see this as a continuation of the post I made yesterday.  

Trying the Chinon 135mm (f/2,8)

As mentioned in my previous post, I got myself a new lens yesterday  – the Chinon 135mm f.2,8 with a M42-mount. The lens can be found online, and depending on condition and mount, go for around 30-80 USD (which makes the 7$ I paid for mine seems like a joke) so it’ s in no […]

AREKU Avalinity

Rehearsal and shopping

Today, like many other days, was a rehearsal day with AVALINITY.  Yoru, our support bassist is traveling to Japan tomorrow, and will be away for about a month, so it was nice to see him off before he leaves. Have a safe flight! But before the rehearsal, I spent some time looking around for new […]

areku photography

Incoming gear and new photos

   Incoming gear and new photographs   In just a little more than a week, it’ll be my birthday (18th of June). Around this time every year, I tend to buy something nice for myself, often indirectly as a gift from my parents. The past years it have been mainly new instruments (like my 12 stringed Ibanez) […]

A History of AREKU (in pictures)

Since it’s Thursday today, so I found it fit to do a post as a part of the #TBT – Throwback Thursday. Here’s a couple of pictures of yours truly AREKU, from various passages in my life. 2008 2008 – It was at this time I began to let my hair grow out longer.  And […]

A walk in the forest

Sophistigance is jewelry by AREKU


Hi guys! I just wanted to tell you all some news about my brand of jewelry and clothing, called SophistiGance. I recently released some new jewelry, maybe you’ve seen them already? This is the newest additions to the line of jewelry from SophistiGance: a cross necklace and cross earrings. In case you’re interested, they retail […]

AREKU’s guide to pinhole photography

AREKU’s guide to pinhole photography

Photography is one of my major hobbies. Once a time I used to work very much and often with photography, until music took the upper hand. However, I do still love to take my gear out and fire some shots. Also, I’m a big fan of DIY. So why not combine those two? For those […]

Can I replace my DSLR with the iPhone?

No. But with the right touch, you could get some pretty good results. I decided to put my current mobile to the test. As I covered in my Lo-Fi post, I’m not afraid of neither challenges or switching out my DSLR for a lo-fi camera. Now, I wouldn’t call the camera of the iPhone 4S […]