AREKU from Avalinity models a visual kei style with Sex pot Revenge clothes, skeleton necklace and pants from H&M

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I while back, I made a Q&A-video, and as mentioned in my video compilation-post, I will be doing those on a regular basis, where I answer questions you send me on Twitter, Instagram, my Facebook-page, Ask.Fm or here on the blog. But for the curious or impatient, here’s a head start! Today I’m doing one […]

AREKU of Avalinity in Malmö wearing Sex Pot Revenge

[MALMÖ] Alternative flea market + haul!

Yesterday I visited Malmö (Sweden’s third largest city, and pretty close to were I live) to hang with K and her friend Maco, whom I’ve known over the internet for a while, but haven’t being able to meet until now. Our main goal was to attend an “Alternative flea market”. With alternative, I could say […]

Fallen tree moonlight areku arekusandaa phot photography

Fallen Tree

As I came home today, I was greeted by this. This is a tree that earlier resided in the garden. During the latest couple of years, it was noticeable that the tree wasn’t doing to well. For each year passing, there would be lesser and lesser leaves, and this year there were barely any at […]

Flowers, cows and landscape

Hello! Today I’m going to share some photos that I shot during the previous week. I hope you’ll enjoy!  

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Video Compilation

Hello Internet! First of all, I’m happy to see that people were very quick to embrace my idea with the #AREKUchallenge! I’ve seen some great pictures, and with 20 days to go, I’m sure I’ll see tons more! If you too want to participate and possible win a publication here on my blog, you can […]

AREKU Photo Challenge

AREKU Photo Challenge To celebrate that I recently passed 3.000 followers on Instagram, I’ve decided to arrange a contest. The winners work will be published on my social media, and on my website with 700+ visitors monthly. HOW TO PARTICIPATE: The theme for this contest is “nature“. Shoot a picture that you think fits with […]

Cemetery, gothic, black n white, tombstones, gravestone


   Stopped and paid a visit to a local cemetery today while out biking.    


AREKU models the SophistiGance Anniversary model of necklace


A couple of days ago, I released the latest jewelry to my brand SophistiGance. This piece was made to celebrate the anniversary since our start in 2014, and is suitable called just 「ANNIVERSARY」. It will only be available throughout August, and will after that be discontinued. So if you find this necklace as wonderful as I […]