I’m back on YouTube!

Hello! I hope you’re all having a great day! A couple of days ago, I uploaded a new video to my YouTube-channel. That might not sound so very special, but since I’ve been away for a while it was really fun to see the support I received. I won’t go into too much details about my […]

A bike ride later

  As I wrote on Twitter earlier today, I headed out to create some nice pictures for you to watch. Here’s the result – which one is your favorite?

areku ravish sitar

My guitar pedal wishlist

Today I’m going to talk about pedals. More precisely, the kind of pedals that guitarists uses to alter the sound of their guitar. I’ve run a fairly simple setup since I begun playing. Pre-Avalinity, I started with just using the amp itself. Later on I added stompboxes as a flanger, a chorus, and for a […]

AREKU model photoshoot photo shoot clothes fashion gyaruo visual kei vroc´k

An Eventful Saturday

So, yesterday was quite eventful. First off, there was rehearsal with AVALINITY. We’re working really hard with both our old songs and making new ones, and we hope to share many of them soon with you all. If you’re curious, here’s a short video that K shot of me, Yoru and Fredrik jamming on a […]

AREKU Avalinity Photoshoot Visual Kei photo shoot

AREKU Promo Pictures (MASTER POST)

It have been a while since these photos were shot at a photo shoot for my band AVALINITY, and some have already been published since then. However, I thought it was a shame to let the rest collect dust, so here is the complete collection of pictures of me from that shoot. Which one is […]

Enter the forest road

Church with a blue sky, few clouds and a green tree

Latest batch of photographs

This time it’s.. surprise, flowers! And a church. Because I’m just that goth.  

AREKU haul visual kei clothing keychain, crown belt buckle and sophistigance necklace

Visiting old friends (+ a semi haul)

Yesterday (Thursday) I went to visit some old friends (we’re all going back since the 6th or 7th grade)  that I haven’t seen in a while, and had a really fun evening with some drinks and nostalgia. Since all of us are living in different places now due to work and our school, it’s fun […]

areku avalinity live sofie park sweden malmö


Good day! Today I’m coming to you with a post where I collect the musical releases I’ve done so far this year as a solo artist, as well as some news later on. Most of my musical activities goes right into my band AVALINITY, but sometimes I make music that is better suited released on […]

Melting away with Avalinity

A couple of days ago, the temperature in Sweden rose and we’re now going strong at over 30+. This tends to happen most summers, at least for a couple of days (Sweden is else known for having the summer raining away), but it always catches me of guard, haha. If you follow me on Twitter, […]