Another lunch

Another lunch break, another round of iPhone snapshots.  

A tractor plowing on the countryside of Sweden

On the countryside


And the winner is… [#AREKUchallenge]

The long awaited answer is finally here, who won the first round of my #AREKUchallenge, the little photo competition I throw together a month and a half ago? To recap, the meaning behind the challenge is that I want more of my followers, who might have photography as an interest or even a long going […]

AREKU Blood red moon supermoon super moon

Blood Red Moon

  I had at first no plans on seeing the so called “blood moon” this morning, but I so happened to wake up at around 4:45, so I decided to get outside and take my camera with me.  My camera-stand sadly broke a couple of weeks ago, so I had to use a garbage can […]

The camera with you

Many photographers, including myself, have sometimes felt like the only time to create great art is when we pick our (D)SLR and head out to take shots. However, in our modern times, it’s a joy to be a photographer – no matter if you have your favorite equipment with you or not! “The best camera […]

AREKU Avalinity Arekusandaa

Updates on a rainy day

Remember when I said it sucks to be sick? Well, after I was done with that cold (around Monday last week) I fell ill with another cold. Urgh. Maybe it’s only fair since I’m getting sick so rarely, but it’s still annoying. However, I’m starting to feel better now (again). I really hope I wont […]

AREKU Long exposure photography

Back with long exposures

Been a while since I shot any long exposures at night, so now is the time to upload some new ones!   If you too would like to shoot this kind of photos, then check out my introduction to long exposure-photography!

Kitty Cat Kitten AREKU photography

Kitty and flowers

AREKU summer photo horse sundown

Best of AREKU summer photos

With autumn here, still without any colorful leafs though, I thought it would be a good time to collect some of my favorite shots that I took this past summer. Tell me in the comments – which was your favorite? It was a good summer from a photo-perspective. I’m really looking forward to start seeing […]

Landscape shoot of Areku Arekusandaa

The Setting Sun

  If you like my nature pictures, check out my latest video in the AREKU Video Cavalcade series; it features a bunch of video shots I’ve taken while out shooting!