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Creative self-portraits

As I’ve written before, I like taking selfies just as much as the next egocentric person, but sometimes I get a bit bored with just the regular self gratifying. That’s when I whip out some extra creativity, and make a scene rather than just a shot. Today I’ve collected some of my more creative self […]

AREKU guitarist of Avalinity photoshoot outside of Lund Domkyrka

Spontaneous photo shoot with K

Today I met up with K before rehearsal with AVALINITY. We had a fika and a little photo shoot! Here’s some photos that K shot of me outside of Lunds Domkyrka.    


Oh, how I love to receive packages from supporters! These messages from fans surely makes my day. Thank you! Misaki HARU If you to would like to send me and/or AVALINITY some fanmail, just hit me up with a Tweet or a mail to byareku[AT] ^^/

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New makeup

Look, I’m a beauty blogger! Yesterday I received a package from Kicks with some new instruments to make me pretty. (In before the joke: “Yes, maybe I should eat some too.”) I’ve been on the hunt for a foundation lately. Previously I’ve only used powder when necessary, as when doing videos, having photo shoots or […]

Another lunch

Another lunch break, another round of iPhone snapshots.  

A tractor plowing on the countryside of Sweden

On the countryside


And the winner is… [#AREKUchallenge]

The long awaited answer is finally here, who won the first round of my #AREKUchallenge, the little photo competition I throw together a month and a half ago? To recap, the meaning behind the challenge is that I want more of my followers, who might have photography as an interest or even a long going […]

AREKU Blood red moon supermoon super moon

Blood Red Moon

  I had at first no plans on seeing the so called “blood moon” this morning, but I so happened to wake up at around 4:45, so I decided to get outside and take my camera with me.  My camera-stand sadly broke a couple of weeks ago, so I had to use a garbage can […]

The camera with you

Many photographers, including myself, have sometimes felt like the only time to create great art is when we pick our (D)SLR and head out to take shots. However, in our modern times, it’s a joy to be a photographer – no matter if you have your favorite equipment with you or not! “The best camera […]

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Updates on a rainy day

Remember when I said it sucks to be sick? Well, after I was done with that cold (around Monday last week) I fell ill with another cold. Urgh. Maybe it’s only fair since I’m getting sick so rarely, but it’s still annoying. However, I’m starting to feel better now (again). I really hope I wont […]