NEW release: 「Now is Forever」

My latest single is now out –  「Now is Forever」! It’s a fully instrumental piece, that is my first go on creating “classical” music. It’s based on (my newly found obssesion:) piano, brought together with string sections, a hint of brass/horns, and even some choir. I hope you will enjoy it! The track is available […]


In just a couple of days (on the 9th of January), it will be the 4th anniversary of Avalinity, as it was on that day back in 2012 that the line-up for what is now Avalinity was completed. Anniversaries are weird though, as Avalinity actually have quite some depending on how you look at it. […]

SaSa K Areku selfie Avalinity new years Eve

Happy New Year!

We just entered 2016, and I hope you’ve all had a great start of this year. Today I’ll share some photos from New Years Eve which I spent together with K and SaSa!   Group-picture #HungerCrew   Dinner time!   The very exceptionally amazing “kladdkaka” with cream of doom that we totally did bake from […]

AREKU pet cat Kitty

Favorite photographs of 2015

Soon we’re entering 2016, and today I’ll look at the photos I took during 2015, and display some of my favorites personal favorites. If you want to see more, check out the category “PHOTOGRAPHY” !  

AREKU self portrait author typewriter noir

My top 10 tweets of 2015

As we’re just a couple of days away from 2016, I thought that I would have a look back on my year on Twitter. Here are some of my top-tweets, sorted by favs (now replaced with the cuter hearts/likes). AREKU twitter:   If you want more Twitter-compilations, check out my Philosophical tweets.


Philosophical Tweets from AREKU

I write so much crap on Twitter..

Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays

Hello people of the Internet! Today is Christmas Eve, which is the main day of Christmas celebrations in Sweden (unlike most other countries where it is on the 25’th). I just wanted to drop by and wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! I hope you are all doing well? Today my band […]

A selfie of SaSa and AREKU of Avalinity

Adventures with SaSa

“It’s a wrap!“ After making plans followed by an urgent packing last night, I left the fields today for a trip to the city to meet up with SaSa. It was quite an intense day, and I’m a bit tired now to say the least, but we had quite fun as well! We hope you’ll […]

Rehearsal and fika

Today was rehearsal-day! We were one person short, as Freddie-boy couldn’t make it, but we tried to do the most we could. Here’s a little sneak-peak from our band-Instagram! What’s this? #rehearsing #avalinity @sasa_avalinity @arekuofficial @master__k Ett filmklipp publicerat av Avalinity (@avalinity) Dec 16, 2015 kl. 12:36 PST Follow Avalinity on Instagram! This led to a […]

What’s in my camera bag?

Inspired by SaSa’s “What’s in my make-up bag?” and the countless photographers “Looks what’s in my camera bag”, I decided to do a deep-dive into my own bag of choice – my camera bag! To start off, I’m not even using a traditional camera bag, since I sold mine a couple of years ago. Instead, […]