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AREKU – the Creative Director

Two weeks ago I tweeted that I’d been hired, and today I would like to talk a little bit more about that. The events leading up to this begun last autumn, when I had an internship at a product visualization firm. I learned a lot about industrial design, sales, marketing and media production (as I […]

AREKU Winter Photography rimfrost


“Rimfrost” is the Swedish word for “hard rime”. It’s often the prettiest thing to happen during winter, so I went out to capture some of it. Ended up with some closeups, landscapes. And a cat. (It’s my cat Kitty, and she tend to behave more like a dog rather than a cat, as she loyally […]

Lund Centralstation Lund C

Evening City

A stroll~  

AREKU Swedish photographer Winter landscape fog

First photos of 2016

Here’s the first captures of this year, together with some of the last from 2015, enjoy!  

NEW release: 「Now is Forever」

My latest single is now out –  「Now is Forever」! It’s a fully instrumental piece, that is my first go on creating “classical” music. It’s based on (my newly found obssesion:) piano, brought together with string sections, a hint of brass/horns, and even some choir. I hope you will enjoy it! The track is available […]


In just a couple of days (on the 9th of January), it will be the 4th anniversary of Avalinity, as it was on that day back in 2012 that the line-up for what is now Avalinity was completed. Anniversaries are weird though, as Avalinity actually have quite some depending on how you look at it. […]

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Happy New Year!

We just entered 2016, and I hope you’ve all had a great start of this year. Today I’ll share some photos from New Years Eve which I spent together with K and SaSa!   Group-picture #HungerCrew   Dinner time!   The very exceptionally amazing “kladdkaka” with cream of doom that we totally did bake from […]

AREKU pet cat Kitty

Favorite photographs of 2015

Soon we’re entering 2016, and today I’ll look at the photos I took during 2015, and display some of my favorites personal favorites. If you want to see more, check out the category “PHOTOGRAPHY” !  

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My top 10 tweets of 2015

As we’re just a couple of days away from 2016, I thought that I would have a look back on my year on Twitter. Here are some of my top-tweets, sorted by favs (now replaced with the cuter hearts/likes). AREKU twitter:   If you want more Twitter-compilations, check out my Philosophical tweets.


Philosophical Tweets from AREKU

I write so much crap on Twitter..