A new re-release

I decided to do a re-release of my song「HALLOW」. I’ve sent of  to iTunes, Spotify and Google Play, so it should be avaible to buy and/or stream in just a couple of days! Until then, I can reveal the new art-work, what do you think? You can find my previous releases here: You can now […]

AREKU self portrait author typewriter noir

“Someday” – Make it happen Today

“Someday” is a place for all kind of wishes and ambitions. It’s the place where we put a lot of thoughts and planning, with hopes of possibly making it happen someday. It’s where we put the smallest, and the biggest, thoughts and ideas. What we managed to scrabble out on a napkin during a lunch-break, […]

This week in summary

It’s already Sunday, and I since I haven’t updated my website as much as my social medias, I though that I’d sum up what I’ve been up to this past week. So with a cup of tea and the storm “Gorm” roaring outside, let’s start. This past Monday I went on two meetings, and also […]

AREKU Winter Photography snow trees water

First snow

First sense of winter. Yesterday, the first flakes of snow for this winter fell.  We’ve had a very mild and long summer, and autumn this year, so I guess nature felt like it was time to be ahead of itself, and bring some snow. After spending parts of the day catching up on a show […]

AREKU bird photography


AREKU flower photography

Landscape and close-ups

Perfume review – Armani, Burberry, Juicy Couture, Paco Rabanne

Today I’ll talk a little about perfume. Not the J-pop band though. A couple of months back I received a couple of samples from the brands of Armani, Burberry, Juicy Couture, Paco Rabanne. I decided to not only enjoy the fragrances, but also give my humble opinion about them, because why not? Just a disclosure before […]

AREKU photography

The winner of #AREKUchallenge nr. 2

The second round of my #AREKUchallenge is now over, and once again I’ve seen you guys participate with some great photos! Here’s some selected ones, before I present the one that have won the shout-out! And oh man, you all sent in such great photos, it’s really hard to decide who to highlight the most, […]

AREKU fan art by Eleonora Iori

Fan art

Today I want to show you some of the amazing pieces of art that I’ve received from fans around the world. It’s truly amazing how creative and skilled you are, but even more how kind you are, to take your time to make these, and share them with me. I must say, it’s truly amazing. […]

Forest cat