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One year of

This site celebrated one year online this past Thursday (something I was too busy working to acknowledge until now, sorry site!) so I think this is a good time to look both back and forward. Last year I focused mainly on getting this site established and with (somewhat) continues uploads. That is something I will […]

Music Finds #1

Inspired by SaSa‘s weekly “Kpop Monday” updates, I now also aim to get some structure in my bloging habits, and therefore presenting: Music Finds “Music Finds” is a new series I will be doing here on the blog each Wednesday. The concept is as follows: As I listen to a lot of music, I from […]

Walk by the fields

AREKU Black and white photography

Black and White (Cosina CT-1A and digital)

Black and White (Cosina CT-1A and digital) This afternoon I went outside to snap some new photos. I’ve recently spent a lot of time with my new Cosina CT-1A which I got for myself this past Christmas. I’ve loaded it up with the classic Kodak TX (400), and hope to soon develop my first roll […]

How to make android look good

Make Android less ugly

Yesterday the folks where I work as a Creative director handed me a work phone (thank you guys, much appreciated!) to use when “on duty”. The phone is a real slick one; a white Samsung Galaxy Alpha, which means I’m back to having an Android as one of my daily drivers for the first time […]

AREKU is “Player of the Week” by B.C Rich Guitars

Today I was announced as B.C Rich Guitars‘s “Player of the Week”. For those of you who might not know, B.C Rich is the manufacturer of my main-guitar; the Mockingbird. As a long time player (soon 8 years) of this brand and model, it’s a great honor to be recognized in this way. This is […]

AREKU Accessories


Some of my most frequently used ones.

AREKU Childhood songs Jussi Björling Richard Wagner Kyu Sakamoto Hot Butter Arne Qvick

AREKU’s favorite songs as a kid

Today I got reminded of one of my favorite songs as a child (around 1998-2001) so today I present to you: A selection of AREKU’s favorite songs as a kid! Richard Wagner – “Ritt der Walküren” Jussi Björling – “Till Havs” 坂本九 – 「上を向いて歩こう」 Hot Butter – “Popcorn” Arne Quick – “Rosen” Examples of each […]

AREKU playing a B.C Rich Mockingbird throug a marshall-amp, live with visual kei band Avalinity at Juntan in Helsingborg

Back to playing live

Avalinity is back! This past Tuesday we played our first live of the year. To make it even more special – this was the first time since 2013 that the original line-up performed together! You can see more pictures, and the setlist, over at our newly released official AVALINITY-website! We arrived early, got our stuff […]

Avalinity Official Website

Avalinity official website is online!

Today I’m proud to announce that the official website for my Visual Rock-band AVALINITY have now been launched! But don’t take my word for it, head on over and take a look! AVALINITYのオフィシャルサイトへようこそ!