Soon, it’s showtime..!

This week on the 18th of May, me and my band Avalinity will be performing what is our last scheduled live in a foreseeable future. We’ll be playing together with a band called Banana Chips (may sound familiar from my A cozy afternoon/evening-post?) at the venue “Hemgården” in Lund. Show starts at 18:00/6PM, and I […]

AREKU dreamy landscape photography forest NIKON D300

First photos with the D300

Took a ride into a world I didn’t know. 

I have a new camera

So.. It was time. I’ve bought a new camera. I’ve been looking to upgrade my camera body for a while, about 2 years or so, and seriously planning on doing so for about a year. However, there was no stress, as I both needed the founds and a suitable upgrade to decide on. However, as […]

Nostalgia for no reason (Music Finds 12)

Music Finds While in a pleasant situation, I got the idea for this post. Sometimes I come across a song that gives me feelings of nostalgia, but for no reason. I’ve never experienced anything worth remembering that could be linked to the nostalgia I feel, no sentimental memories, no heartbreaks at the station, no lost […]

AREKU evening photography sunset landscape photo

Classified Territory

Recently I took a ride into an old area which I haven’t visited since about 3 years ago. Much of the landscape have changed since my last visit; where there once were forest are now open fields, where there once were legacies are now only crumbling stones reclaimed by nature. This is near classified area, meaning […]

AREKU photography 2007-2010 (old MP627)

As a follow-up post to yesterdays revisiting of my old camera, here’s some photos I’ve dug out from the archives, dating back to between 2007-2010.

Revisiting the HP M627

My faithful camera fell into the water last week (which you can read about here) and is now living in a bag of rice, with the hope of it soon being functional. Without a digital SLR (well I still got the Canon, but that’s mainly for work), I searched my shelf for something to continue […]

AREKU water landscape long exposure phoyography-1

Camera in the water

While out shooting today, I had my first real mishap with my camera. I’ve had this camera for about 5 ½ years now, and though it’s a bit beaten up, I’ve never had any complications with it until today (which is a sign of how much more reliable and sturdy these entry-line DSRL’s are than […]

A little more

AREKU nature photogrpahy landscape tree

Follow the river

Following the river in the opposite direction – I met a frog caught in a bucket, grief and the sunset.