O fortuna

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  • Beautiful, I suspect this comment is late not only because I’m unsatisfied with it, but also because I like having a reasons to watch these two again. This is a very raw version, but it’s time to let it fly.

    Fair lady of fortune
    We all want her light
    Even when the road feels endless
    And shadows cast their ugly faces

    The song turns the wheel
    Darkness gives birth to light
    And light creates darkness
    From nothing, it comes

    Forever changing, landscape
    The lady shows us the truth
    Her misery guiding our mistakes
    Showing the true path

    You can weep the fortune
    But not change its course
    Only believe that light will come
    If you hold on a bit longer

    Holding on for the one
    Who holds your every breath
    Your heart’s temple
    The one to set you free

    In darkness, we
    In light, we
    We make it together
    In happiness and misery

    Passing by the fields
    A wind blew
    And there you were
    A life I knew, only from dreams

    Fortune turns
    Everything shines
    Your eyes glisten
    As I imagined them once

    A dream reawakened
    Fires of future
    Lit anew, deeper
    A true love

    I do not wish to leave
    My thoughts empty
    O fortuna, take me back
    For I have tasted happiness

    In his arms
    Never can I now
    walk the future alone

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