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While in a pleasant situation, I got the idea for this post. Sometimes I come across a song that gives me feelings of nostalgia, but for no reason. I’ve never experienced anything worth remembering that could be linked to the nostalgia I feel, no sentimental memories, no heartbreaks at the station, no lost letter.

Yet, each time I hear the song it feels like I’ve experienced something much more than that. Sometimes it feels like I’m near the breach of fabricating memories, but yet I’m too sane for that. This, is just a matter of feel.
One day I’ll do a list based on real nostalgia, but until that, here is a compilation of songs without a reason, in no particular order. I’ve tried to give some kind of explanation to the songs chosen, but dependent on the topic that may be harder said than done. Do note however that my interpretation of the songs have little to no meaning related to the actual lyrics – this post is purely based on emotions.

I‘ll start off with a song that has a semi-sentimental value for me. I know I said that the real nostalgia will be saved for later, but this is my blog. Also, my memories with this song is quite far apart from the thoughts I carry.

Memories concerned, this is one of the anthems to my 2009-2011. I was a huge MUCC fan, and so were one of my friends. This is the lighter form of  singing 朽木の灯 as our chorus, a more hopeful yet troubled version of 鵬翼, which would spin in the player. But my thoughts is more along the lines of hope, seeking another way, and dealing with the different sides of ones person and desires.

MUCC – Libra / ムック – リブラ

Plastic Tree – Makka na Ito

Have you ever seen an airplane high in the sky, leaving a white mark as it passes along towards its destination? Not sure were it’s heading, where it left from, or who’s on.
Somehow this is one song I would set as the soundtrack to that experience, especially if someone I knew and missed were on that plane, as I would lay in the grass with a smirk thinking “I’m sure that we’ll meet again”.
Despite knowing or not anything about the plane or its passengers.

the GazettE – Calm Envy

A song that bears the thought of loss. Maybe not forever, but even temporarily, that’ll be more than enough.

My Chemical Romance – The Sharpest Lives

I was late to the MCR party, and even later to appreciating their music, becoming interested just a year or two before their disbandment. There are MCR songs that I have memories to, but this isn’t one of those. This is a song with feelings based purely on how I’ve interpreted the song. Though I’ve never lived it to tell the tale, some aspects reminds me of a time before all that is worth.

Plastic Tree – Spica

This could be the the anthem to the break up you never had, complete with picturesque rain falling on an autumn evening as walk away – it’s all about departure.


And for good measure, here’s one of my favorite songs to feel sentimental over for no good reason. Sure I’ve heard it for many years, but there’s no particular memory connected with it yet. To leave you all on a positive note, this song got the feeling of rising possibilities.

Which are your most sentimental song, for no reason?

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15 Responses to “Nostalgia for no reason (Music Finds 12)

  • Hola Areku, en mi humilde opinión, pienso que para apreciar la nostalgia no necesitas estar herido ni sufrir mal de amores, simplemente dejarte invadir por el dulce sabor de la nostalgia. Te darás cuenta del placer qué te da ese sentimiento.

  • I’ve had a little ponder while things have been let’s just say strange and hectic.

    Before I start on my bit I’d like to say that this is such a splendid idea, wish I had had the time to finish writing the response sooner.
    Oh well… You had many good nostalgia songs and wonderful mini analysis. I’ll call them that because they remind me of literary analysis which isn’t about what is the meaning as much as your interpretation of the meaning. Which you did well by the way. Not that surprised I fell hardest for Libra. But then MUCC is great and for me tied with you. Odd how things intertwine. Not this song in particular, until now maybe, but something in their sound is connected to you. A very subjective experience, but wonderful all the same.

    Some of my nostalgic songs that is totally without real memories. Some are tied to writing ideas however, which I have decided isn’t my memories, they’re only my strange imaginings. Let’s get nostalgic.

    When Death Comes – Sparzanza

    This song always gets me nostalgic but I don’t know why. It feels like I’m running away from it all without really managing to get away and I’m caught again and the only way I’ll decide over my own life is if I end it on my own terms. Such a dark nostalgia, but great dramatic inspiration for a story I’m dying to write but that requires a lot of research and tissues. And let’s not talk about it having a piano intro… I’m so predictable. I want to strongly point out that this is complete fiction, I do
    not want to end my life at all.

    Everybody Hurts – R.E.M

    Also a nostalgic song but I actually don’t have any sad memory to this. I have a few hurtful memories to other songs but not this one. Even though I imagine it to be a sit alone on a stone wall crying kind of a song. I got to thinking about it while having a bad day as I do have memories to their song Bad Day. Odd that this song never turned into that sadness/don’t give up on life song. I have used it for writing though but I haven’t felt anything real to it.

    My Dying Bride songs:

    I realised I don’t really have any real major memories to any of the My Dying Bride songs… That’s so sad. They always make me feel rather a lot but I guess I don’t have memories to it since I hardly admit to liking them. Dark poetic sadness is seldom appreciated. Actually people usually don’t go for any of my music recommendations so I hardly make any. MDB is known for dark songs, but I hardly find them pitch black, more poetic emotional darkness, a kind of catharsis. Their slow tempo songs tend to calm me down, regardless if it’s got dark lyrics or not. I picked out two different examples.

    For You
    Is a great example of their doomed being, especially if you read the lyrics. Clearly it’s always about the pain and misery. Imagine a candle lit room, just the two of you (unless you have other fancies, I don’t), that up-tempo intro giving courage, pushing you closer. Roughly 6 min and 41 sec of song to kiss intensely to, that I totally never did.

    Sear Me MCMXCIII

    One of my all time favourite MDB songs. I joined the party a bit later though, I think it was around 2000 before I actually heard this song, instantly fell for it but it’s not really tied to any memory even though it’s very emotional. I always saw myself sitting somewhere in nature with headphones on enjoying a glass of red wine and letting this song flood me with emotions. I haven’t done this for no good reason what so ever. A fun anecdote, I listened to some MDB on spotify while writing this and there’s a commented version of the album, Turn Loose the Swans. Apparently that feeling was essentially what they had in mind for this song. Kind of fun. I enjoyed listening to this commentary, their dialects for one thing but also they talk a lot about song writing workflow and putting your second album together.

    I could list many more MDB songs of nostalgia but I’ll bore people to death with that some other time.

    Ruska – Apocalyptica

    How can one not get nostalgic to the sound of strings and piano. Instrumental music is one of my guilty pleasures, to let go of everything that has to do with text.
    This song gives a grand feeling of change and progression. Not surprising because ruska in Finnish means the leaves turning colours or that part of autumn when the colours change. (I do not speak Finnish, it’s a big hole in my life. I only know a little from research.)

    I used this song as inspiration not for autumn but for describing the change of a human into a vampire and from a vampire into one with all its emotions still intact. There’s a seriousness in this song that made me think about the consequence of feeling the monster you’ve become. Although this song is certainly not without hope. Like changing of the inevitable, like seasons, will come to something much more. There’s a grandness about the cello parts that always feeds my thought.

    Illusion – VNV Nation

    This song hits me like a warm wind, a cure, even though I just found it a couple of weeks ago. It’s not a memory nor even a recommendation from someone and I haven’t listened to VNV Nation before. I just instantly fell for this song. It’s like that hug of hope you need at the end of a real long day in a real long life. And so many lines in the lyrics hit home. This is a cuddle close together and go against the world kind of song. Could be the anthem of an odd couple with lines like “But what I do know, is to us the world is different. As we are to the world but I guess you would know that”

    The love and care for someone else expressed in the chorus, simply heartwarming.
    “Please don’t go, I want you to stay
    I’m begging you please, please don’t leave here
    I don’t want you to hate;
    For all the hurt that you feel,
    The world is just illusion, trying to change you”

    How many don’t wish to change people around them and yet this song expresses pleading for the opposite. Don’t go, don’t mind things and don’t change who you are because the world don’t really matter. The orchestral version from the album Resonance adds another layer of emotions to this song.

    This feeling does reminds me of another song very close to my heart that also brings a warm emotional storm, you know that song extremely well. I haven’t been able to talk about it because it hits me deep. Someday soon, I will make amends for that. Until then; I don’t want you to change for I truly understand.

    Till Death Us Do Part – Lord Of The Lost

    As I took all hope with a dark mind in the beginning I’ll end it on a romantic and optimistic note. This is a song where I imagine this beautiful goth/alternative dark styled couple proudly walking hand in hand in the sunshine (despite the actual lyrics about separation), down that same road to the church where they made their union some years ago. Yes church. This song, like most of theirs feels very church. A walk down the road of until death. A union that stands the test of time. Despite of the pain of everyday life and everyone around them having opinions and thoughts about their life. Against all, now they are the ones proudly walking, their union standing firm and when their eyes meet, there’s sparks, it’s plain to see they’re still very much in love with each other. While others so sure of their love have burnt out.

    What a pretty memory… utterly made up.

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