It have been a while since I last shared some night-shots with you, but as the night begins earlier and earlier now, I’m feeling more and more to get back out there, in what is one of my preferred “genres” of photography.




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  • Bring back the night! ^^

    It’s a great treat to see more night pictures. I do love to watch the stars and just think about everything and anything or nothing at all depending on what my mind feels like doing. The sky contains the thought of endless possibility. Also never-ending inspiration. Oh yeah… and kissing under the night sky is the best. And for reasons you know of, I hear a certain Caro Emerald song.

    I heard it at night… such a bright moon it was.
    This could be an autumn song, maybe.
    Still vivid, how I couldn’t stop listening, it helped.
    Night and the glowing movement towards something, that isn’t to be changed.

    I got to thinking about people as tiny universes, because of reading for school, and I think maybe that is what I see here. A universe to find yourself in and to live by or perhaps under. The blue shade at night always gives me a fairy tale feeling. To me the night isn’t filled with regrets or anxiousness, it’s the time when my mind slows down and those thoughts from the day kind of become clear to me with the help of imagination. It’s a time when you can find yourself both missing something and be thankful for that very same time. Nothing is ever simple or too complicated. That perhaps is also the sky. Make a wish, word those dreams, make them become more real by just naming them.

    …and never give up on anything worth fighting for. That is what the night whispers to me.

    The first picture feels very much like communication. Like the tree tops are in the middle of a conversation with each other. I enjoy nightly talks, to just sit and casually talk about all. You don’t always need to know all or ask questions that have answers. Sometimes the best is to sit and discuss unanswerable questions because to say them out loud can be therapeutic. I for one don’t expect answers to _ll I say, because I have a tendency to ask or talk about the big questions and then go from that perhaps to the smaller ones.

    The playfulness and movement of the last two pictures are wonderful. Light have a tendency to make you both see and feel things. The last one also has touch and it gives me the image of joining of hands. It moves me. Strangely it kind of replicates the form of a poem I wrote the other day, which could be said to be about reconnecting love. Touching those feelings that never was all gone, finding a rekindled passion in desire and longing. I haven’t written poems in Swedish since 2011, quite the challenge. I feel tempted to finish and do something with it. I guess in a sense that poem was also reaching and joining, kind of how I interpret your picture.

    I think this has a narrative. I make it to be. Keep watching, talking and tell me your wishes. I found light and I am glowing. Exploding and moving fast towards this state of ecstasy. To join, under our starry sky. Finally.

    Doodle from yesterday:

    To be a star
    you have to fall

    Night was
    ice cold

    Make your wish
    to come true

    Rise star
    burn on

    Known to me

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