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“Music Finds” is a new series, with new posts here on the blog each Wednesday. The concept is as follows:
As I listen to a lot of music, I from time to time finds a piece that sticks out, sometimes because it’s quirky, mixed two very unlikely genres, unlikely instruments, or just damn right having an awesome sound. Expect any kind of genre to appear here. These songs is what I will be sharing with you in these posts called “Music Finds”
But really it’s mostly a segment about some of my most played songs!”

Last week I got some new records in the mail. Three of them were Auction Finds (which is also the name of my upcoming series where I deal with my addiction hobby of auctions) and one was in the same order as my Nintendo 3DS. So I thought I would make these four CD’s into the outline for this weeks Music Finds!

AREKU reviews four Visual Kei / J-rock Japanese records by Dir en grey and MUCC

Dir en greySix ugly
Dir en greyVulgar
Dir en greyWithering to death
MUCCHomura Uta

The waltz goes like this; I’ll talk briefly about each records; noteworthy tracks and my favorite tracks (and maybe some nostalgic nonsense in between, who knows). First off is….

Dir en greySix ugly     (2002)

Umbrella – One of the most catchy choruses that Diru have come up with to this day
Children – Funky verses with hardcore chorus
Byou Shin (秒「」深) – Wins this records riff-award


Dir en greyVulgar     (2003)

Increase Blue – This riff is tasty!
Shokubeni (蝕紅)
Kazumi – One of those songs who could make it into my second list of nostalgic songs for no reason, together with Amber, if I ever make one

I should probably also include Obscure here.. It’s one of the main anthems of Diru, first apearing on this album.
If you haven’t heard it, it’s worth your time to get an introduction.

The III:D Empire

Dir en greyWithering to death     (2005)

This is my favorite of the records that Dir en grey have made so far. Not only for the sentimental reminders; it was my favorite back in the days as well, but because it’s a well weighted mix of catchy riffs and heaviness – where choruses and melodies worth remembering were laid to rest. Consider that it’s extra hard to pick noteworthy tracks, as I’ll just resort extra much to simply playing favorites.


Merciless Cult – I do believe that this song was the playing while I participated in my first mosh.
Saku – Hard and heavy
Jesus Christ R’n’Roll – One of few J-songs that our drummer Fredrik knows by heart ;-) And it’s damn catchy~
Higeki wa Mabuta wo Oroshita Yasashiki Utsu – A softie track for the softies inside us all


MUCCHomura Uta     (2002)

I did a full post about MUCC no too long ago, which I recommend you all to check out. I did however not mention much about Homura Uta, so here goes! Much like with the album above, I consider this whole album to be more or less all filled with equally worth-listening-too-tracks, but I’ll try to give you some pointers nonetheless.

Zetsubō – Simply because THIS is a Angura Kei-classic. I think I could still do this by heart at the karaoke!
Mama – Reminds a lot about the older sound
Urayami ni Saku Hana – One of the best choruses
Uso de Yugamu Shinzou – The most funky riff in town
Kaeranu Hito – Obligatory slow-song with a nice build up

Extra mention:
Yume no Machi – Found on the second disc, it’s there to satisfy your harmonica and kazoo craving.
Sounds crazy? It is..

I chose this one, not because it’s the one I like the most (since I have a lot of favorites from this album) but to highlight this one since it’s a cover of Masato Shimon‘s song by the same name. The original sound quite sorrowful, but MUCC took it one stage further..

What did you think? Have you bought any new records lately?

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11 Responses to “New (old) records


    I recently bought some new (old) records, which is the outline for this weeks Music Finds!

  • What did you think about this episode of Music Finds ft. MUCC and Dir en grey?Read it here:

  • Aww, I’m curiously happy about the auction hobby. I might at times have been bitten by that same bug. Although I mainly bought BJD related stuff. Buying physical copies of music has sadly become uncommon. Not so much by choice, all the good places to buy music from disappeared and I so enjoyed to go out to a physical place to get them. Both new and second hand, but sadly those good ol’ places are no more. And I was never big on buying CD online, even so, those favourite online spots are all but gone too. Things keep moving on and sometimes that makes me feel like I’m a relic. I still very much like the physical object though. Especially if it’s a well composed album with a great cover. Yeah I know… don’t judge by the cover…but sometimes the choice of cover says something about the artist intent (not always). Which bridges kind of to my thoughts about Dir en grey so I’ll start there.

    Six ugly

    Okay so what about album covers and Diru. Well they make great cover art, but when someone puts them together with MUCC in a post he forces you to reflect and compare the difference. Which is miles apart if I’m honest. I’m sure I’ll get into trouble for this, but as tasty as the covers of Dir en grey albums are the music don’t always deliver the same greatness. Admittedly they have made some real great songs and I do want to see them live sometime because all the live footage speak of great shows with lots of energy. However they are not exactly the band I’d sit down and listen through each album of which became very vivid when I tried to do that now.

    I think you picked out the best goodies from Six ugly
    I’m mostly shocked about how much less I like Hades as I go back and listen to it now. I used to like it a lot. Which is puzzling… Not bad memories, perhaps a bit to do with me not really being in a Dir en grey mood, but somethings else too. Can’t put my finger on it and it bugs me. I like Umbrella a bit better now though. I make no sense to myself either.


    Certainly one of my favourite Diru albums… and yet. I don’t know what’s wrong with me. Kasumi and Amber are still great. That has nothing to do with a certain cover. Amber is the song that got me into Dir en grey in the first place. Must have been sometime between 2003-05.

    The screams and guttural growls in The III:D Empire is delicious, not my favourite song but certainly among the best on that album.

    Withering to death

    This is a bit closer to listen through the whole thing. A good album. Apart from your choices, of course you also like Machiavellism (yaaying inside), I really enjoy Dead Tree. That intro, and how that comes back in the middle and those drums. And The Final has some “smooth” and enjoyable vocals.

    MUCC – Homura Uta

    And now we enter my old/new music obsession. Goddamn it’s awesome! The older stuff seems to be completely my thing. I can listen through and repeat this album a few times over. The same with Zekuu among others. That awakens the question why? Tricky question. For one thing they aren’t shy to use fun instruments like the harmonica. More crazy please! You can’t really go wrong with that. Then I think I enjoy the difference in what I’d call the emotional level between different songs. They move you in different ways which makes their album(s) more versatile, something I seem to enjoy more and more. I also have to confess that I like this kind of vocals even more than Kyo, who is very versatile no question about that. Diru consists of technically very talented people, that’s not what I feel is missing. Which makes commenting on this complicated. It’s just a feeling…that I can’t place.

    So when are we going to hear you sing Zetsubō? Don’t you dare go, “when you sing…” because that would be a long wait. Unless you hang out with me because I randomly sing at times, I’m that kind of crazy. Need a bit more MUCC training though, but I suspect that will come as this obsession spirals out of control.

    The Oyoge! Taiyaki-kun cover is excellent. I stumbled on the MUCC version before and then found the original. Oddly fascinating and slightly rough on my feelings. Kaeranu Hito is also a favourite and here’s another point to this comparing, it’s a lot harder to pick out one or two favourite songs of MUCC. I never really thought about that before. Seems to correspond well with my other thoughts so far. And in a silly note of little importance I’m not sure if the album cover is genius or just confusing.

    In conclusion it’s obvious I’m not at all in a Dir en grey mood and very deeply into MUCC at the moment. For emotions and nostalgia

    My latest physical albums:

    As always you lead me up different paths of thought and insight. Apparently I have a subconscious nationalistic nature (not that I until now noticed it) because latest albums bought is Kerbera’s People Like You and Katatonia’s The Fall of Hearts.
    And before that I think it was Yohio and Seremedy and that was probably in 2014. Abyssal lack of albums bought in between…

    Excellent news if you happen to be a great Swedish songwriter though. ;) Chances are good that I’d buy your CD. Especially if there’s limited signed copies… I’m that lame. If someone had told me before that the majority of my favourite bands would all be Swedish I’d probably laughed long and hard. However that has actually happened. That surprises me somewhat, still. Life is funny like that!

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