New Gear – Nikon AF-S Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G

The gear train continues. And today I got my first AF-lens in 4 years, and my second ever for the Nikon. As I got quite the bargain on my new camera house (spending about 70% less than I originally thought I would) there was room in the budget for a new lens.

Back in the days when I switched fully from SLR to DSRL, I was using mainly AF-lenses. But as I switched system from Minolta to Nikon, those old ones were to little use. I sold some and remade on into a super macro with a custom F-mount (pictures taken with that HERE), and just started fresh with the new Nikon and a kit lens. That’s when I truly discovered the power of M42-lenses; affordable, GREAT glass and built like tanks. So I sold my kit-lens and invested the money into M42. And for the latest years, all the pictures you’ve seen have been taken with those fully manual lenses, mostly the Pentacon 28mm f/2,8.

But it comes a day when you feel like you need to “move with the times” and get back into the more modern game. And as I had some money left in my assigned camera budget, I went for the Nikon Nikkor 35mm 1:1.8G

Do I need AF most of the time?
Am I way to confident with MF?

But as my line of work keeps pushing the limits, and with the improved workflow and quality, this was a long thought investment. I just want to get my work done, the best way possible. And I know that AF might help me in some cases.

Will I keep shooting M42? Absolutely!
As mentioned before and again; this format offers great pieces of glass for little to no money, and if you’re somewhat comfortable with the old way of working with manual focus – nothing can go wrong! But as this new era rushes in on me, an AF-lens will come in handy.

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  • New gear, and some thoughts about why this self-proclaimed M42-enthusiast went with an AF-lens:

  • Choo-choo! <3

    So cute I had to. I'd say lenses are an investment for any photographer regardless. As my dad has shown me many times you need different ones for different things, even if he's only a hobbyist. I think it's brilliant, although I don't want to be you going back to AF after MF comfort. The things is you got to keep pushing and sometimes that means going back to the modern. I've never doubted that you'll still take plenty with the MF. It suits you. I think that switching between the two might push you in the right direction. Just excited to see what the result will be!

    Did you make your own macro lens? Of course you did. And that inner dialogue. You're just that darn cute aren't you?

    Keep pushing those limits!

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