New finds from Korea (Music Finds #24)

Music Finds

“Music Finds” is a series with new posts here on the blog each Wednesday. The concept is as follows:
As I listen to a lot of music, I from time to time finds a piece that sticks out, sometimes because it’s quirky, mixed two very unlikely genres, unlikely instruments, or just damn right having an awesome sound. Expect any kind of genre to appear here. These songs is what I will be sharing with you in these posts called “Music Finds”
But really it’s mostly a segment about some of my most played songs!”

HyunaHow’s This

Found this via my weekly recommendation list, and spent the first few seconds of the song wondering why this sounded so familiar.. Until I realized that this was the same artist that performed “Roll Deep“, a song that was featured in one of my previous episode of Music finds. This song is much in the same style.
Bonus points for that sweet sub-bass.


Found this earlier last week, it’s solid rock. The verses also reminds me quite some about Franz Ferdinand, is it just me?


A second feature for this band as well – previously mentioned in Episode #2 with their song “I Wish, here’s another  song by them which caught my attention.

 HEIZEAnd July (Feat. DEAN, DJ Friz)

Her voice reminds me from time to time about Lim Kim.

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