Music Finds #2 – Korean Idols?

Music Finds

“Music Finds” is a new series, with new posts here on the blog each Wednesday. The concept is as follows:
As I listen to a lot of music, I from time to time finds a piece that sticks out, sometimes because it’s quirky, mixed two very unlikely genres, unlikely instruments, or just damn right having an awesome sound. Expect any kind of genre to appear here. These songs is what I will be sharing with you in these posts called “Music Finds”.

This weeks finds comes from Korea! And since there was no”Kpop Monday” this week, I thought now was the time.
What I’ve found is… kinda kpop? I say kinda, since it’s not really what one usually expect when hearing that word, at least not for me. These guys are all signed to a label called FNC Entertainment (which hilariously stands for ” fish and cake”) which is said to house bands/artist that plays instruments, outside of singing and dancing.

The first song is:

N.Flying – Awesome (기가 막혀) 

This one directly struck a chord with me, especially the part of me that likes rap-rock/rap-metal. It has a bit of that “attitude” that I so desperately look for in music, regarding K-pop I would say that “I am the BEST” by 2NE1 is a prime example and have set the bar. The intro screams attitude.

And with intro, I don’t mean the video-intro of them pulling up their car, but the intro of the song. BECAUSE, sadly the video-intro have a lot in common with the parts of this song that I found didn’t really made it; it’s cheesy. So if you haven’t read the translation and just listen to the audio (that is as long as you don’t know korean), you won’t notice though.

Musicly speaking, it’s a fairly interesting song. Great wide sound, interesting altered guitar and a semi-sub base.
The best parts in my opinion are the intro, because rapping. A special mention for the part at 2:46- 3:04, great funk that then leads to the build-up for the last chorus.

Second song is:

FTISLANDI wish (좋겠어)

“That’ll be the day” is what I (never) thought about a tango pop-rock hybrid, from Korea.
Yet, this is exactly what this song is.

Starting of with a acoustic guitar to set the tempo for the almost waltzy, yet tango flamenco, first verse. This is great.
The song then switches to a typical catchy pop-rock chorus, which actually blends very well with the verses.
The bridge leading up to the last (and altered) third chorus is worth noting- heartbreaking Don Juan-feels with trumpets. Actually, beside the acoustic guitar, the trumpets in general are worthy of  a shout out.
Unlike the song above by N.Flying, you can without a doubt see, and mostly HEAR that there are “real” instruments being played.

That is all for this week! If you wish too see more music finds, check out last weeks!
What are your thought on this weeks finds?

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