Music Finds #9 – Oldies but Goldies

“Music Finds” is a not anymore that new of a series, and I would like to thank for the support I’ve gotten for that, but the concept continues; a new posts here on the blog each Wednesday where I present music to my followers. 
As I listen to a lot of music, I from time to time finds a piece that sticks out, sometimes because it’s quirky, mixed two very unlikely genres, unlikely instruments, or just damn right having an awesome sound. Expect any kind of genre to appear here. These songs is what I will be sharing with you in these posts called “Music Finds”.

But today I will look back. 

Today will be nothing new to me, but I wish they might be for you.
Instead of taking on brand new experiences, I’ll take the path down memory lane, and present you to the little exposed tracks that are all are holding a piece of my own musical taste, my development as a musician, and else wise noteworthy for any reasons I might not be able to explain. This won’t be a biography, just a glimpse of nostalgia.

First off is a track that brings me back to the years when I was so much younger, and one of few common musical interest I had with a friend of mine. I’ve always liked the sound of La’cryma Christi but never went the length of truly experiencing their discography of music. For sure, they have that old-school soft Vrock-sound that I love.
Note that this a band that originates from “93, the video below is from one of their reunions – but they still sound just as good.

Seen as I speak so rarely about Japanese rock and Visual Kei in this blog, in contrast to my interest and profession as a guitarist in a Visual inspired band, I think it’s just fair to keep the subject going.

The next song that has been stuck with me is “Over” by 12012. Once again, this is no band that I’ve ever listened frequently to – quite frankly this is the only song I can remember the name of by them. But what a song!
This is all what’s needed for a V-rock slow rock song – heartfelt vocals, fading guitars with a melodic solo, and a promo shot on a field.

Aaah.. Beat Crusaders.. I remember only finding about 3-4 songs with them back in the days, which I loaded onto my MP3-player with a whopping 2GB(!) of storage space. Later I burned them on a compilation disc (a fancy word for CD-R) which I played while playing split-screen XIII-multiplayer with friends late at night.

This is a band that plays straight forward rock, singing in English unlike the previous entries.

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8 Responses to “Music Finds #9 – Oldies but Goldies

  • A musical time adventure. Me likey! It’s great fun to see where others have been and ended up.

    La’Cryma Christi:

    What can I say, I’m totally weak for this kind of old-school soft Vrock-sound too. I just want to buy some Italian wine (never tasted Lacryma Christi) and make out in a forest. Does it get more romantic? Out of the daydreaming… I really like the vocals and guitars in this. They seem to build up such an ambience together. And as any visualband video there is at least one piece of clothing you really want, the singers coat with the red lining. Oh yes, pretty please.

    Haha, sometimes you don’t half scare me. This is so the band that I listen to one song from and can’t really name any other. Mine is Queer Passion. However Over is also on point! A field is never a bad location. It’s got that dystopic hopeless feel down to a teeth. But by being alone in the field I guess they also kind of convey a sense of standing up in the mess maybe not by choice but by chance and fronting it out. The vocals are as you say very heartfelt. Hard not to feel a lot of mixed emotions when hearing this.

    Beat Crusaders:
    How wonderful are they! A feel good song that has you singing along in no time at all. It’s a very strange feely song, perfect for repeat because it’s very hard not to fall for it instantly.

    Ah, the mp3 player, I went from 1G to a crazy 20G. Those were the days! ;) Kind of miss my mp3 player. Why did it break on me? We had such memorable times.

    Thank you so much for a lovely adventure and the old but new to me songs!

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