Music finds #5 – Post-rock

As you may have noticed, yesterdays “music finds” were left out. I will be honest with you, I totally forget that it was Wednesday.  I was busy with work, then rehearsal, talking with SaSa, more work, and in all of that I forgot.
This is no excuse, just an explanation.

Anyhow,  I’ll come clean to you and bring a new music finds! However this is no new song. But it’s a timeless song.
And since I kept you waiting, maybe the length won’t do too much harm, with its eighth minutes and  seventeen seconds. I promise, it’ll be worth it. In case you feel any doubt about listening, I higly advice you to ignore the length and just sit back. I’m sure it’ll be worth your while.
This weeks Music Finds is an old classic from the post rock-legends Explosions in the Sky,

Your Hand in Mine

You see, this ain’t just a song. This is the conclusion of longing solitude.
Since post-rock is all instrumental (at least mostly), you get to bring your own interpretation to the table. And this is a slow build-up to something great, or something devastating. The title do imply, at least in my interpretation, someone who has, or someone who wish, to belong. It’s a story about connection, or not connecting at all.
To have, or wish to have.
But please tell me how you interpreted this song!

A final note, for those who made it this far: post rock, and this song in particular, have been one of the big inspirations for one of my upcoming tracks.

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