Music Finds #17 – Classical, K-pop and disco

Music Finds

“Music Finds” is a new series, with new posts here on the blog each Wednesday. The concept is as follows:
As I listen to a lot of music, I from time to time finds a piece that sticks out, sometimes because it’s quirky, mixed two very unlikely genres, unlikely instruments, or just damn right having an awesome sound. Expect any kind of genre to appear here. These songs is what I will be sharing with you in these posts called “Music Finds”
But really it’s mostly a segment about some of my most played songs!”

This has been quite the busy work-week, which I hope explains the late post. Let’s get down to it, shall we?

Not the most played, but the most needed, is “Pavane” by Gabriel Faure. Far from new, this piece tends to top my playlist from time to time. It’s one of my favorite classical pieces.

As SaSa  just announced that her series “K-Kop Monday” is going on a summer break, I thought that my (now somewhat) regular K-pop finds would be to some confidence:

Baechigi feat. Ailee – Shower of tears

A great slow dance “K-POP”-song with a few rap-smooothdowns. Officially one of my new favorites of this genre.

Other “new” tracks in the K-field:

Finally we have a re-discovery I made the other day. It might be to early for #AREKUdiscoFriday, but…


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#7 – “The Visualist from OZ”

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8 Responses to “Music Finds #17 – Classical, K-pop and disco

  • Gabriel Fauré – Pavane

    Oh yes, a sweet reminder, I haven’t heard any Fauré in ages. Not only that but you post a video with Monet paintings for even further calm. They fit well together. I should really take the time to go look at paintings someday soon. Been far too long since I did that.

    I particularly enjoy how the strings and wind instruments seem to communicate with each other. This reeks of my preferred historical period don’t it, this is so Belle Époque. I must admit I need to listen to more music from that period as I don’t follow all the comments on it as well as I’d like. Priorities is the only reason for me not doing so yet. For I do enjoy the music very much. Thank you for this classical pause, it was well needed for me too.

    Baechigi feat. Ailee – Shower of tears

    So when SaSa is away AREKU puts on the K-cape and fly off into the Kpop sphere. This has got a very sad whiny or crying sound to it, but oh so very pretty. This is perfect for slow dancing. Oww, I want to slow dance now! I’m guessing it’s an accordion sound, I’m not super good at guessing, but I get a bit of last dance in Paris/France feel. I suspect that is my association. Which doesn’t really make it less romantic in my world.

    Yezi – Cider

    The attitude! That smooth but strong voice and the visual work so well together. Pretty much follow the song and just do it. Real good motivational song and so very catchy. As catchy as a cider obsession, which I know nothing about for I don’t go all out on cider every time I go to a grocery store in London. No no no… Haven’t had an Aspall in what feels like a lifetime.

    Hyuna – Roll Deep

    Even more attitude! Great example of catchy and sexy with bite. You can’t touch it! Brilliant. I like his “interruption” it makes this dynamic and fun. Not least if you read the lyrics. Oh la la, so very true! Dare I say this? If the first one is slow dancing, then this is foreplay music.

    Earth, Wind & Fire – September

    Yaaaaaay!! <3 #AREKUdiscoFriday How I have missed those. Talk about real nostalgia. Making experimental gin drinks and enjoying your Friday music shenanigans. Most likely writing some silly comment as I tend to do. This is a favourite. Of course I remember! This is just classic and possibly saying: "come dance the night away with me and if you stick around, I'm down with that". Exactly what you need on Friday night! It's so cute, warm and charming, not as clean and clinical as some modern electronic dance music tend to be. As always I like some electronic music for sure, but I get more of a upbeat happy go love vibe from this.

    Not to mention that I adore this kind of genre mix, this is so how I listen to music.

    I hope your busy work-week ran as smoothly as these songs. If not, I hope you gave it a bit of that attitude. It can't touch you!

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