Mr. Burberry – Burberry

 “Mr. Burberry” – Burberry


Look who’s back with new perfume-reviews! Super unqualified and ready to give you the most personal scent descriptions about the semi-new fragrances around.

First smell:
Fresh ‘n heavy. At first you’re greeted with a fresh, citrusy smell with a hint of heavy underneath. It’s almost on the edge of being to synthetic after applying, but after about 10 minutes, the citrus evens out and brings forward the bottom notes more (which has a smell of cardamom?).

Overall impression:
Maybe not memorable, but enjoyable ! – Far from being my new favorite, yet enjoyable! It’s a mid-dark woody/fresh combo that isn’t too unusual when it comes to men fragrances. The longevity is so so, and it turns into a quite bland smell after a while before fading.
I would probably not invest in this myself, but as a gift it would be appreciated. I’m certain that I will continue to use the review-sample until it’s empty.

Shot-Medium. About 3-4 hours.
That is with my skin, based on your own chemical balance it might last longer or shorter. I feel like the highlight is around the 2 hour mark.

Daytime. While still keeping it fresh (thanks to the citrus I would say), it’s a good choice for someone who want’s a little heavier scent in daily life, without going full night-club mode and scare away people with having a super heavy scent, as of you bathed in a tub of perfume.
Just keep in mind that you might need to re-apply after a couple of hours.

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