Modding Monday

Monday – and today where a day of many new experiences.

I got around to finishing up the small pedal mod I mentioned about two weeks ago! This project on Behringer UP3oo was initially thought to be just a potentiometer mod, where you access the trim-pots in order to get more depth (left pot) or bring forward the interesting sounds of noize (right pot), but turned out to bring a bit more fun. I found out that if you short the legs of the RES.-pot, you can affect pitch, and if you short the middle legs of the depth and rate potentiometer there’s almost like a slight “fuzz”, at least with certain settings.

img_1220 img_1228Only thing left to do before I put this as finished (for now at least) is constructing two extensions to the trim pots, so I can easily adjust their value without having to open up the unit.

On another note which is (probably?) a bit more interesting for my regular readers:

I also begun working on a consult basis for one of the clients of “the media company” I work for, meaning I’m a helping hand for this client. Due to that I need to learn all their tasks and systems asap. I considered that a challenge accepted.

The people is nice, so nice that I randomly but thankfully got two rolls of Ilford to “Try it out, and tell me what you think”. I’ve always thought of trying Ilford, but Kodak and FujiFilm had me in a firm grip, haha.


I guess that ties in well with the results of my latest poll, though it will probably take some time before you get to see these particular future shots. But there will be photos – as always!

Until then, check out my latest photo-post with some previously unpublished photos – or check out yesterdays Sunday Thoughts extravaganza.
See you tomorrow!

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  • Rarest one,

    you are. This is just what the doctor ordered. It’s been an emotional day for me. Both bad and good. Not me per se, but worse, watching or hearing a close friend deal with heavy life and death things, it isn’t easy. It’s life though.

    When one great person passes on another is born. That thought has become a kind of comfort.

    And comfort I find in this mod. I don’t get much of it, but I love that feeling. Someone telling you about their projects is always fun. It doesn’t matter that I don’t get all. I find it so utterly comfortable and calming not to at times. I’m serious, I love it!

    Only wish I was closer so I could “annoy” you with silly questions.

    I do get some of it since I have studied natural science, about a hundred years ago. I even have a diploma, but chemical biology and chemistry is more my strength. I do however find this kind of tinkering with electronics fun. Although there’s still a bit of the old hate/love relationships with circuit diagrams, I can read them though. What can I say physics finals wasn’t my thing. I got too many points deducted because my lines weren’t straight enough. Never mind being one of those solving the most difficult problem on the test. Nooooo, nooo, my lines were sloppy, to him at least. After 5h without breaks I was sick of all the diagrams. How I wish I could have made that teacher eat those papers. And how on earth he got appointed to be the teacher for extra help on that course I do not know. Bloody ridiculous.

    Anyway, those are ingenious pictures of circuits! Oh, you’re the rarest kind of dream man, I swear! You are so the hero and Mr of the story.

    And fuzz is such a cute word I can’t help being curious. And I am both kind of yaay tell me more, show me more and curious. Emotional mix, but it’s easier to talk about this. And all is interesting, because it’s you!

    You’ve been snapped up again. I’m not at all surprised. I know you always rise to a challenge, I’m sure you’ll master it in no time at all. And what a nice gift! For you and me. I have never tried Ilford myself, but I think I have mentioned I had a friend in school that did black and white art pictures, she used Ilford. Yes, I do want to see what you can make with it! The future can’t come soon enough! In all its glory.

    That said I will look forward to more photos.

    Today or well yesterday now, was also my brother’s birthday. I almost forgot to congratulate him in midst of writing and dealing with life. I did send him a message asking if he had made the world unsafe today. On which he replied, “No, I made it more safe and happy”. Emotional was the word.

    I’ll leave it in that pleasant mood because that is exactly how you have always made me feel.

    Safe and happy <3

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