Love Story by Cloé (Perfume review)

 “Love Story” – Cloé

nd.26227Look who’s back with a new perfume-review! Super unqualified and ready to give you the most personal scent descriptions about the semi-new fragrances around.

First smell:
Soapy. Within the first minutes of appliance, this scent smells very much like something that could easily be confused to as a high grade hand wash.  Within a couple of minutes or so however, the scent blooms!

Overall impression:
It’s light and fresh!  After blossoming, this turned into a warm and fruity fragrance, with the major notes being overall fresh and citrus, but with very much high notes. About 30-50 minutes in, you can smell the middle register coming through, creating the warm and citrus’y tone I would in overall use to describe this scent.

Medium. About 4-5 hours. That is with my skin, based on your own chemical balance it might last longer or shorter. I feel like the highlight is around the 2 hour mark.

Daytime. This is a fragrance which I feel is best utilized at morning or early evening, due to it’s relatively light and fresh scent. It won’t do long in a night out, but is properly used during the time before!

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2 Responses to “Love Story by Cloé (Perfume review)

  • I’m just going to make a quick note but I cannot resist confessing to be in love with this kind of structured text. I use it too seldom myself, but I think a lot about such things. I feel very much like a writing nerd, but it has to be said. Far too little appreciation goes to the composition of a text. It’s very clear without losing the feel or thoughts. That is craftsmanship and I did enjoy it very much. You found that path between personal and presenting thoughts on something.

    Is it not just appropriate to fall in love with a love story? Not least when it’s filled with smells, which is essential for romance. Although the smell that lingers on your soul is not always that of perfume but that doesn’t make it less desirable. While I’m in this confessional mood I will admit that this sounds like something that would smell very nice on you. Probably because you described it as turning fruity with a warm citrus tone. I overall like that kind of smell and I already associate you with warmth. So now you know what kind of birthday thoughts I had.

    Only one thing left to do, go out and “torture” myself with smelling this for I am intrigued. Who doesn’t want to smell like a daytime love story? Far too poetical to resist.

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