Just ordinary (Music Finds #26)

Music Finds

“Music Finds” is a series with new posts here on the blog each Wednesday. The concept is as follows:
As I listen to a lot of music, I from time to time finds a piece that sticks out, sometimes because it’s quirky, mixed two very unlikely genres, unlikely instruments, or just damn right having an awesome sound. Expect any kind of genre to appear here. These songs is what I will be sharing with you in these posts called “Music Finds”
But really it’s mostly a segment about some of my most played songs!”

Sometimes it’s all about the small things, something which I think this song captures very well. It has a soft pace, great harmonica lines, and tackling something so ordinary as not having your friend show up at school that day.

That may sound like the most uninteresting song in the world, but this Vocaloid-song is just so ordinary that it becomes interesting and surprisingly heartwarming.

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One Response to “Just ordinary (Music Finds #26)

  • This is adorable! <3 Far from uninteresting. At times maybe we forget how important those little things can be. Or think that the things we do go unnoticed. It's usually not so. But a reminder every now and than is always most welcome. Easy to sympathise with and very heartwarming. The slow (half sleepy) tempo makes it feel very sentimental, pretty much describing in itself that feeling of a slow walk home missing someone.

    A way too familiar feeling.

    But with that longing feeling however sad it is, there's also joy when you finally get to see the one you miss. That is somehow hidden in this song too. And the video is a cute distraction, the best kind.

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