It’s soon 2017

It’s soon another year. 2016 will turn to 2017. Will we chance?  Will I Change?

Is this just another seamingless filler-post from AREKU, even due the posts of blog-everyday-in November stopped in November?

Years are a manmade invention which most of us follows based on our calendars and thought of time. We could do otherwise; based on other calendars, beliefs, or just due to disobeying the constabulary of date being a manmade inventions, but we’ll somehow loose the magic of the moments in favour of a nihilistic view as time will pass no matter our views on time, as we can’t change the basic principles of biological aging.
Days will pass, but without a date-system we wouldn’t know. If we look at the life we live, around us, the sun going down and up.

I never want to be “once I was that, and now I’m this, yet I’m still here” without a sense of pride, yet at the same time I wish – that is the scarry of progress and evolving as the world changes around us, with us and without me. So I better preserve myself by continuing working to not disappoint myself (or you, us, we), and to not restrain myself to the only limits I now could only know of – the ones I’ve set myself.

Days could be so mundane, yet so very important. Our most trivial minutes could be filled with small things, small thoughts, of something bigger – outside of this world to change ourselves, or not at all depending on how we chose to act.
But you’ll never know what that  it will lead to if you don’t stay around to live the day.
And I wish to create the most of myself.

If we create something, that’s a progress. And if I don’t, then I will to tomorrow. We all need recreation, and another day. Yet the best day seems to be the one before,
Might it be that a day without creating is a day wasted, but sometimes we need a day of to improve ourself – in order to gain the strength, power, and or will to do more and better.  But now I’m getting way to philosophical.

So what do I wish to do in 2017?
What I already do, but more – and more.
Made as the cliffhanger of this post, probably too low down in the article to keep you in suspense, yet I wish to keep my readers updated. A moment is just not today, as a post, a tweet, is. It’s all a part of the puzzle of life.
But to be frank, this is what I wish and think about doing – what might and what will happen soon;

    We’ve been a band for soon 5 years. Working hard with songs, playing live, rehearsing, sharing days turned to years – we’ve done a lot which I would die happy about knowing without even hitting the public eye, be we’ve done far from all that could be done. Do take note that Avalinity is far more than a band; it’s three people I cherish more than I could ever know.
    Visual Rock ain’t dead, we ain’t dead and our next step is about due. Please support us and our hard work; we’ve fought for so long, it’ll mean more than anything else – our next adventure is right around the corner.
  •  1st vocal AREKU (DEBUT ALBUM)- I’ve released a number of singles, an EP of classical / composed music, so now is the time for the first full album. It’s a bit scary, and my first release will be a marketers nightmare due to the potential diversity of tracks and genres, but I count on your support for this release.
  • SophistiGance
    It’s time for the next step. The official line of jewelry made by AREKU is about to hit the stages, and I hope you’ll like them as much as I do.
  • Gance Media 
    A new release from K is coming soon, and later I’ll release my own works as AREKU here as I’ve done before.
    As this is my own label, I wish the very best and to keep expanding.
  • Everything else

Then there’s project Gance Group, a chapter on it’s own.. I wish I could tell more, but right now it’s impossible and with very little to tell. What I’ll say and wish is grand, as I keep nothing but great expectations for this, but my lips are closed due to legal reasons and the uncertainty of tomorrow.

What I wish to say could be summarized as of the following; do what you wish, keep your ambitions up, and no matter what – there will be another day to try even harder – that is what I will do until today is the only day.

I’ll see you soon

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  • I’m not sure what what 2017 will bring. But for this I’m certain; I’ll do my best.
    Read more:…

  • Sweetheart,

    I find it hard to form the words and meaning I wish to convey. I think this whole year still feels a bit unreal but oh so very important. Like finding the pieces for the puzzle. A picture appearing with each tiny piece. I couldn’t help but smile as I read about the manmade invention. I see a lot of my own philosophical thinking. Way beyond necessity of thinking but highly interesting. I don’t think there can ever be a too philosophical for me. That side of you is very dear to me. Your thoughts are worth pondering on and seem to always lead me to something I need.

    I know I don’t always appear excited about things. Sometimes my excitement lies deep within. Like how a child won’t tell you how they feel because they have not learnt those words and expressions yet, but it won’t stop them from running towards you in absolute joy as soon as they see you again.

    I always get nervous when life changes. Not to be confused with scared of. More like before you’re going to do/perform something. It’s not one feeling of but a muddle of different and sometimes conflicting ones that tends to come out for me as nervous. Sometimes your head just needs to catch up to your heart’s gallop. It’s to be frank masked excitement. In the end my curiosity and lust for life win over scared or scarred. The thoughts on trivial was very elegant. Very true, you have to live to know where it might lead you. And the ambition of wanting everything else is rather huge. I love that! You have to grab as much as possible if to become the most of yourself.

    I have never understood how wanting much is a limitation. Sure it brings a lot of pressure at times. True. Might even mean you will push yourself too hard. But I rather do that then go around regretting not trying or chancing to do something and transform myself. I don’t wish to live with regrets as to what could have happened if only. That drives me to step outside of my own comfort. I still battle the feeling of not measuring up, hurting others with my desire and so forth.

    You got me thinking of transitions and how it sneaks up on you. How seamless it can feel when you’re in the midst of it. It’s not always that huge and overwhelming but small and growing a little each day, until it hits you. Oh such wonder!

    Wow!! Rather a lot of different things coming up. Very like you. That’s the thing about a new year approaching. You never really know all that it will bring. And to reflect upon all that has happened this past year, I realise it has actually changed quite a bit. Which I’m extremely happy about. Of course I want to see the next step. Ever growing curiosity! And don’t think for a moment I’m not blissfully happy and very humbled you even want my support, both for your own creations and the band.

    I really hope to see you soon. Happy day!

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