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It was a while now since I last did any street photography, but with my analogue revivial and being in towns more often, I’ve slightly gotten back on track again. Today I will be posting some recent street photos. They’re not taken with my DSRL or analogue camera, but my old iPhone 4S (I just recently updated to the new iPhone7, so expect a new experiment like this but with that one soon too). 

It felt like a nice little challenge to see what I could do with its limitations, most noticeable the dynamic range and not optimal low light efficiency.

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  • Sweetheart,

    I’d say the iPhone 4S works like a charm. It’s always good to challenge the limits when you can.

    I’ll start off with my favourite one which is undoubtedly the second one. It has such a sweet dynamic to its scene. There’s something about the shadowy/blurry movement that says both fuzzy and not. Like it could become clearer at any minute. I like the pose of the figures, how they come together and still are a bit apart. Gives me mixed feelings, I’ll try and describe that somehow. To that feeling we add all those street noises and signs. Not that it seems to matter to the figures. If you see them as lovers then most likely the world consists only of the two of them or possibly three of them. It’s a true high to be thus entwined and not caring about the troubles that the world around enforces. People say that fades. I don’t think it always does. I think there are those that still love in a way that will make them fall in love with each other all of the time and the world is second.

    I like this challenge, all the pictures carry the most amazing things. The first one could make you blush for all the right reasons. It appears to me that we’re kind of walking the same sort of streets where anything can become intensely sensual. Led by our desire. It makes me think of the delectable teasing before a lover enters inside of you. That anticipation and want! The straight brick road is like a sign as to when it enters it will make you feel like skipping and singing. Sending a thrill throughout bodies. You want to reach out and touch it. Guide it towards you. I love how wet that first picture looks without any visual downpour. Kind of like body fluids, that teases the nose. That picture looked kind of sexy on my Samsung, but even more so on my Lenovo laptop screen.

    The second one keeps making my hairs stand up. It vibrates and intoxicates. In case you didn’t get that I really like it. I do, a terribly lot. I like how it grows together. It feels very safe too. I think it both soothes and creates want.

    The third one, well it has got balls and colour and light. If I didn’t know any better I’d say it was a climax. Goodness and happiness in an endless succession. That straight road keeps on. And so does the overflowing excitement.

    The last one had me puzzled for the longest time. I like a puzzle. Longing and waiting, perhaps a little sadness. I thought heavily upon it and went to sleep and just as I was about to I remembered something I had written for a story and it made kind of an unexpected sense to me. I get the feeling of expecting, waiting for it to come. To have in the bag. I find this picture clever because it has a lot of other details and I’m not sure I’ve discovered all of them, but I will continue to think upon it.

    Anyway before I forget I’d just like to say I really love how you made these. They’re clever and just so fine! <3 I keep finding details I like as I always do with your pictures. I find pleasure in and enjoy all of them! Whether they’re phone shots or DSRL or taken with analogue camera. I truly like how you see things and make those beautiful scenes.

    You tease and collapse into me and I hold on tight. To be one. Wanting it to never end but knowing it will. Higher and higher, then there has to be a low. Not wanting you to come and wanting you to, all in the same feeling. Holding on to you because nothing feels greater. I know you have to leave my body, but I want to hold you there a little longer. A moment longer. Then the wait. Worthwhile. Always worth it and I know I will feel you again. Still, I long for that feeling of you, all the time. In every sigh. Even when I become us and there’s happiness. You’re part of us but I will still long for you. Even when I fall asleep safe in your arms, I’ll still want to taste more of you. The most agonising and happy feeling.

    The world is second to us

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