I’m back on YouTube!

I hope you’re all having a great day!

A couple of days ago, I uploaded a new video to my YouTube-channel. That might not sound so very special, but since I’ve been away for a while it was really fun to see the support I received.
I won’t go into too much details about my absence, since it was just that I had really much of other things to do, like getting this website and blog running.
Anyhow, I’m back making videos. It would mean a lot if you watched some of them.
Even more if you “subscribed” to my channel – that way you’ll get a notification when I upload something new, and you’ll support me.

I’m not sure exactly how many videos I will put out a week. But it will be coherent posting.

The day after, I uploaded another video, where I open a bunch of Japanese Pokémon-cards that I received for my birthday by a fan named Haru.


Finally, I would just like to wish you all a nice weekend. Do you have any plans?
Tell me in the comments below!



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